Erica critical condition

Erica's team tried to abandon their cover since they blew their cover. Two vehicles moved even faster into their site while keeping their firepower barraging their escape.

Erica: "Shit!"

She ran as fast as she can trying to shake her tail. Two trucks moved in a different direction to pincer attack Team Three location. Her teammate's number got reduced down to four persons now after two of them got obliterated by the enemy's machinegun continuous shots. They kept running in between the ruins with giving care to another thing around them.

[Amon's location]

Sniper 3: "Stop moving south. We have a situation on our Team Three's site. Their radio transmission got located by enemy vehicles. Don't reply to this information as enemy radar may catch your message."

Amon heard the radio call and keep moving tightly with his team. They turned off their radio instantly after they heard it. Amon and the remaining survivors could hear distant gunshots from their east side. They moved quietly into a small corner shop that look sturdy enough to shelter them for some time.

Amon: "Can we survive this skirmish? We haven't even been here for a day but we already get plenty of dangerous situations. Why on Earth did they call this training mission? What a silly superior."

Ye Rin: "I believe they wanna drill that everything we do in the warzone may turn south really quickly. We're not on a picnic or sightseeing here, dude. Keep thinking positively because I think they may help us soon. We just need to hold on and defend ourselves at the moment."

Amon hid behind the wall between the only door and a small window. Ye Rin, on the other hand, went to the second floor and prepare herself to snipe whoever coming close to their spot. She could see smoke coming from the ruined building which was getting shot on their south and she marked that place as exposed Team Three because that's the only possible explanation for that occurrence. As for another guy is currently treating the other girl who got lightly wounded after getting shot on her shoulder. As time passed, they can hear louder and louder barrages of gunshots at distance.

[Ethan and Oscar hideout]

Ethan: "Why the hell do we hear some shots? Is there any urgency over there?"

Oscar who stood next to him replied.

Oscar: "No idea but it indeed doesn't sound good at all since we went near enemy hideout."

Both of them observed the situation outside of the window for a few moments.

Sniper 5: "This is sniper 5 speaking. Your other teammate got spotted away by the opponent's moving transports and currently getting cornered on your north. We planned to save them so we need all teams that near south of train station to move into the area."

Ethan: "This is Ethan speaking. We're on their east but I only have another guy with me and he got a minor injury. Shall we move there? Over."

Sniper 5: "Your injured friend will make it more challenging so I suggest you move there alone or you can stay with him. Your teammate needs you there too."

Jesse: "Jesse from Team Four speaking. We're ready to move into the west side as instructed."

Sniper 5: "Move with half of your team. We still need someone to block the warehouse."

Jesse: "Acknowledged."

Half of Team Four moved to assist Erica's team. Meanwhile, Ethan stayed with Oscar who slept well even though he was in the conflict zone. 

Ethan: *I don't think I can make my move and let the enemy notice our whereabouts.*

Ethan went near the window to take a peek at Erica's site. He could see what was going on over there through the window because the angle is somewhat blocked by the wall.

[Erica's place]

Erica: "Runs through the backdoor. Abandon this place before it falls."

Enemy machine gun kept skewering the building with rounds of bullets. The flats didn't look like they'll hold off any longer. They rushed out from the backdoor and moved south from that place. Sniper 4 who already took a place near the area aimed for the machine gun operator on one of the enemy trucks. He released the shot once his aim is stable and took down the guy.

The other machinegun operator hid inside the truck after his colleague got shot. Both trucks moved closer to an alley beside the flat. They used both cars to block the entrance of the alley and they went down to chase Erica and her team from their escape.

Erica and others ran as fast as they could behind some ruined buildings as their cover. Enemy's chaser narrowed their gap constantly while they kept shooting at them.

Erica: "How can we shake them off? Any idea?"

Nyde: "Just run and don't think too much about it. I believe these snipers already put something in motion by now. Let's just trust them and buy them some time."

Erica: "That's easy to say. We may not be surviving when their help arrived."

They ran from one wall to another while occasionally shooting back at their enemies. Two enemy teams split up so they can limit Erica's team movement even further. Erica could only bite her lips to reduce her frustration at the moment. Several minutes have passed but they still follow them closely on their back.

Erica and Nyde kept running at the same pace but unfortunately, it was hardly possible for their injured teammate and her friend who helped her to run away from their opponents. Her face turned paler as she lost blood from her reopened injury.

Their enemies saw a good opportunity to take them down and ganked them from two different directions. Both of them stood no chance to dodge those bullets. They couldn't escape at all from them since their distance became almost nonexistent. They finished two of them and proceed with Erica and Nyde who ran further from them.

They could hear their last cry when they got shot but they could do nothing to help them. Erica had to run for almost a block yet the pursuers don't get any further. She could guess that the previous sniper who shot that machinegun guy didn't get any vision of where they are right now. Their hope kept diminishing as time passed by.

After another block of running south, their pursuers are getting close to them. They had barely any motivation left inside. When they were about to reach another street, they saw their military vehicle. They sped up their running speed to rejoin with the other troops there. Soon after they run out of the alley and turn to the side to open the gap for the squadmates to attack.

Enemy: "Enemy's vehicle! Fall back!"

The machinegun user immediately opened fire as the enemy started to retreat. Countless bullets flew on them. The enemy had no choice but to retreat as fast as they can because the exit on Team Four's side has almost no cover they can use to hide. Two people on the outer back of the vehicle also joined the shooting party after the machinegun took a rest to manage its heat. The other two are monitoring the surroundings to avoid the enemy's guerilla attack. Some of the rebels died on the spot after they took the machinegun's bullets but some of them managed to flee from the perimeter.

However, Team Four didn't give a chase on them but saved Erica and Nyde who got terribly exhausted after running nonstop under rains of bullets. They dropped both of them on their transport and left soon after to go back into their own post. The officer inside the truck immediately treated their wounds and gave them electrolytes to replenish their energy. Both of them passed out after they got treated.

[Ethan's location]

Ethan: "Ethan's speaking here. May I ask where is the closest other team or our transport to our location?"

Officer: "This is transport Alpha. Describe your situation over there and where are you at? We just received Team Three remnants after they got ambushed by the enemies. If you guys are in a difficult situation, we'll deploy our vehicle there immediately."

Ethan: "We're actually some meters on the east of the location where the shootout happened. Our situation is somewhat good because we holed up ourselves inside of the grocery store when they retreated. Since the enemy had long gone, I decided to contact you guys because my teammate is injured. I already treated him with first aid meds but his condition didn't improve at all."

Officer: "We're 2km on the south of train station which originally your team posted. In other words, were around 1.3km on 250 from your current location."

Ethan: "Acknowledged. Over."

Ethan lifted Oscar's arm and placed his body on his back. After he feels a little comfortable with the current position he started to walk through the side door of the grocery store. His journey to bring his friend back to the transport started.

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