Tactical retreat

He carried Oscar in his back while marching back to their transport. He moved between covers put his friend down then checked the perimeter to avoid unnecessary surprise attacks by the enemy team. At least he won't need to worry about Oscar when he left him in a safe place that way.

He didn't dare to move through the highway but he chose to move there through the alleyway. Although he could only move a little by a little, he still gave his best to reach the rendezvous as soon as he can. It took him some hours before he finally arrived at his temporary base which was his transport.

Cheron: "This is Cheron, the chief of this operation. Abort the mission for now. All transport units pick up our soldiers immediately. All recruits send your detailed location to your corresponding vehicle. We'll meet again outside the southern part of the warehouse zone."

Officer 1&2: "Roger that."

Cheron turned off the radio from the whole communication channel and switched it to the specified channel for only Team One and the nearby posted snipers.

Cheron: "Team One send your coordinate immediately. All snipers in a nearby area prepared to move into Team One's location."

Amon: "We don't know exactly where we're at but I can see the train station on the roof of the building here."

Everyone else was just stunned by that report. They don't have any idea how to respond to that inaccurate piece of information. After a moment, sniper 3 who stayed a block away from them represents them.

Sniper 3: "Mission center, this is sniper 3 speaking. Allow me to explain their position. According to my estimation, their position is around 500m from the station on south 160°. I've been covering them from a block away since the ambush went on before. Over."

Cheron: "Moving out to the designated area. Over."

Cheron and Alpha's crews moved into the explained location which sniper 3 stated previously. They drove through the main street without any care. It didn't mean that they were reckless because they kept monitoring the radio waves around them while moving at high speed. The medic managed to inject some meds to treat Oscar's fever which isn't lethal if he's treated fast enough.

They arrived at Team One's spot after traveling at an incredible speed. Ethan who is completely fine, even though he's tired, couldn't help but felt awe when he saw how the officers work.

Ethan: *Either you called them nuts or marvelous. It's just unreal!*

Amon and others immediately embarked on the vehicle. Impressively all snipers appeared there on time without letting them get any delay. While they were inside the truck, Amon looked incredibly terrified when he looked at Erica and Nyde who is currently lying on the stretchers.

Ethan could tell how horrified he is when he saw him without any wounds. He momentarily observed Amon back then he revert his view to those two who were currently strapped in stretchers right in front of them. Amon broke the ice after they went through some moment of silence.

Amon: "Damn. How could all of these happen? We haven't even been here for a day yet there are a lot of casualties."

Ethan: "You can lose your life at any moment in a war. Unfortunately, Erica led some of our teammates to march to your location and got caught by enemy transports. That's why it's important to follow orders. Your team lost some members even though you already followed the command, isn't it?"

Amon: "Did you try to insult them?"

Ethan: "Why would I? I stated the truth about the battlefield. Even though all the officers here are experienced personnel, it doesn't mean that we can complete this mission without causality. I even lost word as you did when I got here but what can I do? All who died have already died and nothing can bring them back to life."

Amon: "You're right on that point. I also lost my colleagues but they're already gone now. Let's try our best to survive until the end of this mission."

Ethan: "That's much appreciated. One more thing, don't start radio calling when you're panicking. It may bring an urge for some of us who still love to play hero-wannabe thing."

Amon: "My bad."

Without they even realizing, they arrived at where Ethan regrouped with the truck before when he was carrying Oscar with him. He stayed quiet as well as the others who still couldn't accept what just happened. Ethan quietly looked outside the tiny window on the side top part of the truck. It's just stunning that this officer can drive an armored truck as if it's a lovely sports car. He could barely tell where they were at right now because everything he saw on the window looked blurry. They finally arrived there after a couple of ten minutes.

Cheron: "Everyone disembarks the vehicle and takes a rest. We'll ask for the details later."

All recruits immediately walked into the nearest construction and laid down their body there. Unlike others, Ethan stayed outside while observing nearby construction around him to check for any enemies as well as observing what those officers are doing. Medic officer brought down three injured members into the same building where other recruits are taking a rest.

He felt more interested when he saw two other officers who looked like installing something in the structure near their place. He had completely no idea what they were doing because all he received from his instructor in the training camp didn't give him any information about it.

Ethan: *I'll try to ask them later about it. I hope they won't get scold me or punish me.*

Since nothing happened at all, Ethan went to rest himself inside the same building as the others.

[On the afternoon]

They all get somewhat rested after they are sheltered in the flat for a few hours. Ethan however hadn't gotten any sleep. He just laid down there and thought about how this mission will progress. Cheron and other officers entered the construction. 

Cheron: "Recruits, write down a report about your mission today on your mission page. I'll give you half an hour to finish it before we start our briefing this night."

Recruits: "Yes, Sir."

They wrote their mission history today as fast as they can. Some of them reported what happened while others tried to sugarcoat their contribution to today's mission. Of course, those officers knew which one is true and the modified. They've been monitoring the whole mission all this time after all.

Cheron: "As you can see when you walked into this structure, you can die anytime on the battleground as well as getting injured. Who survived and lived for another day had to carry those who lost it on the battlefield. This mission will be way too hard for you who are inexperienced to continue. I will ask for another team to replace you so until they arrived you have to hold this area from the enemy. Do you understand?"

Recruits: "Yes, Sir."

Cheron: "I'll divide you into 3 different teams and you'll take turns on patrol. Notify us when you find enemy scout and refrain yourself from engaging them."

This time Ethan got merged with Team One who had the same experience beforehand. He didn't worry too much about them but the other two who has almost no experience. Since they only have seven people per shift to patrol the perimeter, they didn't try to patrol on such a big area. Hopefully this time Ethan didn't get another heroic figure like Erica once again.

They got everything went so smoothly until their shift ran out and got changed by another shift. Ethan immediately slept straight after he finished it. He wanted to wake up fresh so he could continue another day in this harsh conflict zone. Shift after shifts kept changing until a few days later when the replacement team finally arrived there. Only one person got off the truck and meet Cheron. They talked a bit about the latest situation before he got into his transport and followed by the other vehicles.

Cheron: "Recruits! Time to move out from the battlefield. I'll declare this is the end of your training mission."

They went inside the transports while medics are busy lifting Erica and Nyde's stretchers. Ethan just followed what he ordered and stayed inside of a transport. Three vehicles went back to the training facility where they're used to train at.

[Training Facility]

Rolf and Regas had received their report as well as the recruits' superior's evaluation of them. Both of them were taken aback when they knew that some recruits have fallen into the conflict zone. It's quite bizarre since the mission had nothing to do with attacking those rebels, it's a surveillance mission.

Regas: "Although some of them are making mistakes. Some people managed to shine inside of the fault of the other. I couldn't be any happier than this as their mentor."

Rolf: "It's gonna be interesting for sure."

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