West government training soldiers.

The west gate government secured ammunition after selling gold to the dynasty kingdom across the border they procured all the ammunition ground and aerial they were able to monitor its territory against external intrusion King Albert became curious about the west gate government they he planned to invade on the other side the Mafia the billionaire of the east gate city discovered that the choppers were flying in the west gate government territory he had to investigate he summoned his general.

Solo came to him to hear what the Alpha the Mafia billionaire wanted.

"We have a problem I can hear at the west gate government territory choppers hovering whose choppers are they?" Alpha asked.

"I don't know maybe it's our choppers?" Solo said.

"No I know the sound of our choppers they are modern military choppers superior to ours this year we didn't buy the latest ammunition," Alpha said.

"Send detectives to investigate the Wes gate government and give me the report in the next one hour," Alpha said.

Solo rushed to the detectives and instructed them to do the investigation about the west gate government the detectives went reaching its border they discovered that the border is guarded by the well equipped militarily able to monitor what was going on in and out of their territory they were shocked they were able to go into their territory pretending to be the citizens of the west gate government they are surprised the soldiers are underway being trained and also had more sophisticated weapons and also the west gate government had gold mines they were very shocked they went back to the Mafia billionaire at East gate city to inform the Mafia billionaire.

Alpha was happy to receive them they sat and looked worried.

"I see you are not happy with what is going on," Alpha asked.

"Boss we have bad news currently west gare has more sophisticated weapons than us soldiers are being trained they are now very rich than us they have the gold mine and the most sophisticated weapons in the world I think we made a mistake we should have bombarded their houses and checked around on gold we should have been rich now," Solo said.

"I told you, you should have bombarded everything now they are very rich I don't know what we are going to do," Alpha said.

"But we should attack them before they have extra energy before they organized to attack us," Alpha said.

"I think we should seek support from the dynasty kingdom across the border to help us fight once we subdued them we should divide the gold mine amongst ourselves," Solo said.

Alpha the Mafia billionaire stood up in excitement.

"That is a perfect idea I will fly to the dynasty kingdom across the border and discuss this matter with him I know he will accept he has a mighty army we will subdue the west gate government within hours and all the resources are ours," Alpha said.

Alpha rushed to his chopper followed by Solo and the pilot boarded and flew to the dynasty kingdom across the border.

King Moses discovered that the Alpha mafia billionaire has gone to seek support from the dynasty kingdom across the border he called his cabinet of the werewolves the cabinet availed themselves and sat.

"I have seen that the west government is well equipped and anytime they can ambush the east gate city Mafia rule the people who have been subdued are going to face a lot of uncertainty death hunger and also they will lose their livelihood before we continue we need to bring the mother of Jack and his grandfather here at Werewolves kingdom to avoid death and hunger," King Moses said.

"That is true my family is in great danger under the Mafia rule please help me," Jack said.

"Okay we need you I'm the company of the ten werewolves to go tonight and bring them to safety," the king said.

"Jack Liam and Rock you will lead the werewolves soldiers make sure you take your ammunition hide in the river then invade you are followed by mafia soldiers you engage them" Moses advised.

They agreed on that.

"Another thing is how to assist the west gate government from being sieged by the Mafia billionaire" king Moses said.

"I think we should follow as they fight if they are going to be subdued we help them and that is our opportunity to secure ammunition without buying them," Liam said.

"Great idea we are going to do exactly that this war is our opportunity to acquire ammunition from the Mafia billionaire," Rick said.

The west gate government trained soldiers as Alpha the Mafia billionaire landed in the dynasty kingdom place king Albert came out of the palace to welcome the Mafia billionaire Desmond prepared a place to discuss their issues out of the palace since they normally meet and discuss sensitive issues Mafia billionaire alighted and hugged king Albert they went to where Desmond has prepared to sit, they sat.

"Long time why haven't you visited me recently?" King Albert asked.

"I was busy on how to withdraw the East gate city government and I managed it's amongst my territories now," Alpha said.

"Wonderful and Congratulations,"  Albert said.

"What brought you here today do you have any problem?" Albert said.

"Yes, I have a major problem the weak west gate government is now very rich and currently has the latest weapons I didn't know that they have gold deposits in their territory I would have sieged them I invaded them and they fled to the mountain I had to take the meager ammunition and foodstuffs I could have taken the territory if I knew," Alpha said.

"You mean Raphael territory is weak west gate government?" King Albert asked.

"Yes it is his territory it was the weakest but now he is emerging to be the strongest of all," Alpha said.

King Albert got shocked Alpha realized.

"Why are you shocked what's wrong?" Alpha asked.

"I am sorry I made the greatest mistake they brought the finest gold and they wanted to exchange it for ammunition but I gave them money ten million dollars," Albert said.

Alpha shocked

"What!" Alpha interjects

"I am sorry but you are the one who ignored them you should have taken the territory they have the best gold without impurities," King Albert said.

"What are we going to do?" Albert asked

"My suggestion is that let's unite our forces and fight the west gate government and make sure we sieged and take over and after subdividing the gold mine into two yours and ours," Alpha said.

"I accept but when are we going to carry on the invasion," Albert asked.

"Tomorrow soon before they gain more powers," Alpha said.

"It's okay at four am my soldiers are going to be there I had sent the soldiers to protect them but soon after they trained their soldiers I withdrew and their soldiers took over having their strength and weakness" King Albert assured.

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