Love In The Time Of Outbreak

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Love In The Time Of Outbreak

By: MissTerious OngoingMystery/Thriller

Language: English

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Unless they can stop the deadly virus from spreading. Sergeant Deanver Magallon and doctor Thalia Ricafort are hand in hand just to find out the root of the said virus, and how they can prevent its spread. But their undeniable attraction to each other is a huge threat to their mission. And because they are both afraid to enter into a commitment, it becomes a casual affair between them. Being chased by their own government and also being chased by terrorists, so Dean and Thalia don't really know who they can really trust. With time running out, they must stop the deadly threat as soon as possible, and they just realized that there are things you're willing to gamble on no matter how risky it is.

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Chapter 1
"Are you lost, baby girl?"Deanver Magallon turned off the engine of his car and turned to a beautiful lady. But when he approached the said woman, he suddenly became nervous. Just by the woman's face, it looks like she is just a teenager and it seems that she is flirting with him back."Hey kiddo, actually I'm right where I'm supposed to be."He had expected that the woman would be annoyed with him for calling her a kiddo, and sure enough, he got the reaction he'd expected. The girl's green eyes flashed with indignation, and her pale cheeks turned red.The girl gave him an evil look, then folded her arms. "Seriously, dude, what are you doing here?"Dean got out of his Jeep. "I have an appointment with Dr. Ricafort."Her eyes widened. "Are you a patient?"He cocked an eyebrow. "No. Are you?""No." She huffed out an annoyed breath. "Fine. Come on, I'll take you to Thalia.""Wow! You're so kind, Miss..." He waited for the girl to say her name."Nadine," she said grudgingly."It's a plea
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Chapter 2
After Nadine left, Dean immediately turned to the doctor. "Nice kid."She grinned. "She can be a handful, but her bedside manner is surprisingly remarkable. She's also kind with the patients." The doctor extended her hand to him. "I'm Thalia Ricafort. I'm a Filipino-American doctor.""Dean Magallon. Also Filipino." He said and shook hands with the doctor. He was just surprised because the doctor's grip on his hand was tight, especially that her hands were so small and dainty.In fact, everything about this woman was dainty. Delicate, even. Her height was average for a woman, but she was just too skinny for him. He doesn't care if a woman is chubby. Looks like the doctor needs to eat a little more. But in fairness, the curve of her body is just right. Her butt is also round.Because he'd always been an ass man, the tantalizing sight stirred his groin, serving as a reminder of his eleven-month-long stint of celibacy. Getting laid wasn't something he'd given much thought since going into
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Chapter 3
"So you're saying that," he said with another laugh, "you're overcrowded or understaffed, or are you short on tools here?""Pretty much," she confirmed.He studied the random questions he had written in his notebook, and pretended he had more questions ready. "What about the rebels?" he asked her. "Are you getting any resistance from the UFF soldiers in the area?""Actually, no."Dean was surprised by her statement. It was no secret that the United Freedom Fighters resented the alliance between San Jose and America. For the past ten years, the UFF has only caused trouble in the San Jose area. What started out as an admirable movement to fight a genuinely oppressive government had transformed into violence, unrest and borderline terrorism."I've been here for eight months and so far, the rebels haven't messed with us here. They might not appreciate American interference in their political affairs, but I believe that most of the rebels really care about the people of the country. Becaus
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Chapter 4
Thalia's heart actually flipped. She thought that once you're thirty years old, you won't be as excited as a teenager. But she felt the opposite at that time because she was even more excited than a teenager.Of course, how could her heart not be going to flip when the sexiest man she'd ever met was flashing that gorgeous smile at her?She imagined Deanver Magallon because she had never seen him before, his face was mirrored, formal and serious. But she didn't think he was a tall and muscular man. And even though she didn't see his naked body, she imagined that his abs were like luscious bread. He wasn't pretty-boy attractive, but ruggedly handsome, hard lines and angles creating a stark, masculine face that was more Marlboro Man than a movie star."Your saliva is dripping, Doc."Holy cow! He has such a sexy voice to listen to.She blinked. "Sorry, but I'm not JJ's mom in cocomelon, kissing boo-boos is not part of my job description," she said jokingly. "But I can clean it for you."H
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Chapter 5
She seems to be disappointed by what he said, but she hope it doesn't show on her face. She trailed after him towards the older-model Jeep parked a few dozen yards away. She couldn't help but admire his taut ass, which looked ridiculously good in those cargo pants of his.My God! She think she lusted after this man.Fortunately, he will go away. Dean had opened the driver's door, but he hadn't made a move to get into the Jeep. Instead, he offered an awkward-looking shrug. He had a feeling that this man wasn't even nervous or embarrassed, and she fought herself to smile at him."Thank you for giving me your time to interview you, Doc.""No problem.""And if, uhm, if I get lost here again, maybe I can come see you..."He trailed off, making it unclear whether that was a question or a statement."Sure, I'd like that." Her only response.Their gazes collided, and there it was again, the heat and the sizzle of awareness. Her nipples promptly puckered and strained against her white cotton b
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Chapter 6
For the next three hours, she bustled around the clinic, doing everything from stitching up patients to changing bedpans. Her white coat might label her a doctor, but the clinic was so understaffed that the responsibility lines blurred significantly, and Thalia often found herself being not just a doctor, but also a nurse, a surgeon, a janitor, a cook, and a babysitter .So it's not surprising that when eight o'clock in the evening came, she was about to pass out. And because her shift is in the evening, she can't keep up with her colleagues at dinner. During break time, she always eats a can of pork and beans. So with her eating routine, there is no chance that she will gain weight.The MD International lived in heavy canvas tents behind the building. They have four big tents, two for the men, and those two tents are for the women. They also have six small tents for people with special circumstances; such as Nadine, and the others are for their staff who are a couple.She went to the
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Chapter 7
The irony of the situation did not escape him. All the information they had on the virus had come from a source that could hardly be considered trustworthy. Victor Ortez former leader of the UFF, now dead, thanks to Tatum. But even though Ortez was responsible for the death of Tatum's brother, Wilson, the former rebel leader insisted that he was not the reason for the death of his compatriots in Catalina.He said they only burned the corpses of the villagers there because their disease was contagious, but Dean still hoped that he would see the evidence of the said disease with his own eyes rather than believe the word of a dead person."Well, it probably isn't something that's found in nature," Pierre was saying, still sounding incredibly irritated. "Doctor Edison headed up the biological weapons department at D&N Initiative, so let's just assume that the virus he nested was actually made."Dean gasped. "Yeah, and it's probably a mutated strain of something, which means it's doubtful
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Chapter 8
Military vehicles formed a barricade in the middle of the road, and upright floodlights had been set up in various spots to illuminate the area. Soldiers moved around with purpose, their murmured voices wafting into the open window of her pickup truck. She immediately recognized the uniforms of the soldiers belonging to the San Jose military, but other than their blue and gold uniforms, she also saw that there were those uniforms?Her eyes widened when she realized that the green uniforms were actually American soldiers. And every one of them is wearing a facemask."What the..." She trailed off, unable to tear her eyes off the confusing chaos up ahead.She saw that it looked like she couldn't continue driving ahead, so she just stepped on the brakes to stop the car. But she just heard loud shouting around.The next thing she knew, five soldiers were swarming her pickup truck like crazed fans surrounding a celebrity's car. They forcefully opened the driver's door, then
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Chapter 9
Dean watched in growing alarm as more body bags were tossed into the back of the wide-load trucks parked at the entrance of the village. He counted the loaded body bags in the first truck and the number was thirty-five. Forty-five body bags were loaded in the second truck. It looks like those are the villagers. God. It seems that many villagers are dying in Esmeralda.The soldiers in charge of disposal efficiently carried out their task without comment or expression. Dean swallowed a rush of disgust, wondering how they justified it to themselves. Probably assured themselves they were good little soldiers simply following orders, just like the captured Russian soldiers between the war in Russia and Ukraine - they said they were just following the orders of the superior.He was stunned. He then remembered those soldiers in Germany during Hitler's attack on Poland - they just followed orders. Who are they to question the command of the superior, right?Battling his rising fury, Dean crep
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Chapter 10
Thalia had never been more terrified in her entire life as she followed Dean out of the makeshift escape route. Darkness immediately enveloped them, disorienting her for a moment. She breathed in the night air, a combination of pine and decay, but then she caught a whiff of something else, something...musky. Even though she was afraid in those moments, that masculine scent actually made her heart skip a beat.She just laughed secretly. Oh God, how is this all happening?The back of the tent was perfectly positioned directly in front of the woods, and Thalia stuck to Dean like glue as they crept toward the trees. For some inexplicable reason, she seemed to trust the man immediately. She had every intention of following him blindly and doing anything he asked without question, and that scared her almost as much as everything else that had happened.Her eyes were only focused on Dean, and she noticed how strong his back muscles were with every step he took. She was really focused on the
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