Werewolves kingdom saving human

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Werewolves kingdom saving human

By: Professor OngoingMystery/Thriller

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Alpha the Mafia billionaire had his own military East gate city had resources like oil gold and base having well equipped militarily he sieged East gate city and took over the government using the iron fist rule Jack live with his mother he saw how people suffered from the governance of the Alpha mafia billionaire he used to hear about the werewolves kingdom with supernatural powers he approached his mother his mother advice him to go to Joshua his grand mother without wasting time he rushed through the militant guarding the city to Joshua Joshua gave him a secret on how to become werewolf by using a black cloth he did as instructed and become a werewolf and rushed to werewolves kingdom king Moses helped the sieged city and destroyed the Alpha the billionaire mafia

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Jack human joining werewolves kingdom
Jack human joining werewolves kingdom episode 1Alpha the billionaire mafia subdued an existing government and controlled the East gate city using his armed militant, after taking over the East gate citytook over oil companies using his army he took all the armor from the government and used as using iron fist, his government was very dictatorial people who had money were robbed.Alpha took over hospitals schools and government administration people suffered in his government because people lacked the source of their livelihood if one tried to resist he will face the wrath of the bullet. Jack a young boy realized the suffering being of his people his mother used to tell him werewolf stories about how the werewolf could change into a human or human could change into a werewolf and save those in trouble.One day he went to the city center to buy food and medicine for his mother who was at that time sick he came out of the supermarket and found Alpha soldiers they took by force what he
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Liam organized detective mission
Immediately after king Moses addressed the werewolf's kingdom Liam the detective assembled twenty werewolves for the detective to plan how to investigate the west gate city jack including where both the leaders of the detective sat together in a meeting in one of the kings Moses' executive offices to plan the twenty werewolves sat each having trained as detectives, Jack was given opportunity to give information about the East gate city he cleared the throat to talk."East gate city is a vast city divided into six kingdoms we have four gates to the city with well-armed militants," Jack said."What weapons do they have?" Liam asked."They have modern guns also with military Carrier and also many well-equipped militarily choppers," Jack said."How did you manage to get out of the city I understand they don't allow people out of the city they are trying to make information get to the outside world," Liam asked."I seek information from my mother on how to change into a werewolf and he tol
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Entering into the East gate city
It was already three am the werewolves detective divided themselves into five werewolves to use the four gates."It's time we go in we need to every shrewd without wasting time let's subdivide ourselves into groups of five and go to our respective gates," Liam said.They subdivided themselves and went to their respective gates the militant Manning the gates were awake they saw the five werewolves approaching the gate they didn't bother the werewolves pass through the gate and spit the herbs on the ground as they enter the city other militant opened the gate for them to enter the werewolves rushed around the city and discovered that the highway in the city was going to the palace of the Alpha the Mafia some of the werewolves went into the palace of the Mafia pretending to be scavenging the militant didn't bother they looked at heavy military choppers on the helipad and also many well-armored military carriers they check they went round the city to know the roads they discovered the mil
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Attacking the West gate government
Attacking the west gate government Episode 4King Moses was very happy to know that all the detectives were all back without any casualties on the screen he was able to see the Alpha assembling soldiers he called rock, Liam, and Jack to see what was going on they realized that they were planning an attack but they didn't know where were they going to invade."Are they coming to invade us?" King Moses said."I don't think so I think they are suspecting the west gate government that they are the one who attacked them and took their guns," Jack said.Alpha assembled his mighty soldiers the choppers hovered around the East gate city in readiness to attack the west gate government without their knowledge."I am sending you for a revenge mission to west gate government use scotch earth policy don't leave any stone unturned," Alpha said."Yes sir" the soldiers interjected.Solo moved in front to address them."I don't want laxity, soldiers I count on you you have to siege the west gat govern
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Raphael and his people came from hiding
West gate government no one to be found the choppers set back to the city Raphael the ruler of the west gate were monitoring the movement of the soldiers from the East gate city they realized that they didn't destroy their city but they knew they have taken everything including their arms in their armory and also food staff but that didn't bother them Steve was in a hideout with some soldiers they came out of the jungle underneath the maintain and used the binoculars to observed what happened they realized that the Mafia billionaire soldiers were gone but they wanted to make sure that the city is saved and no soldiers that hide to time them."I need some soldiers to go and ascertain if our city is saved and check all around if they set the timed bomb around the city," General Stephen said.Solo came out to lead some soldiers to check the city if it have a group of about fifty soldiers rushed and they found that the city was safe they took all the foodstuff and also weapons they rushed
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Going to the dynasty kingdom.
Going to the dynasty kingdom Episode 6Raphael and Stephen woke up at dawn before anyone they went to the jungle and dug out the gold and put the gold into the bags and settled for the journey to the dynasty kingdom they walked passed the jungle and saw a distant white werewolf they were frightened."I think we are in danger I can see the werewolves hunting," Stephen said."Don't worry the werewolves are friendly to humans so long as you don't provoke them will skin you alive let's walk past them and you will see they are not harmful?" Raphael said."The werewolves stopped when they looked at them they walked passed the werewolves and were surprised where humans were going at that particular time they waved their tails."Waving of their tails means they are comfortable with us if we were armed they could be hostile to us let's walk faster," Raphael said.The werewolves followed them it was still dark they wanted to make sure Raphael and Stephen were safe they smelled danger in front o
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West government training soldiers.
The west gate government secured ammunition after selling gold to the dynasty kingdom across the border they procured all the ammunition ground and aerial they were able to monitor its territory against external intrusion King Albert became curious about the west gate government they he planned to invade on the other side the Mafia the billionaire of the east gate city discovered that the choppers were flying in the west gate government territory he had to investigate he summoned his general.Solo came to him to hear what the Alpha the Mafia billionaire wanted."We have a problem I can hear at the west gate government territory choppers hovering whose choppers are they?" Alpha asked."I don't know maybe it's our choppers?" Solo said."No I know the sound of our choppers they are modern military choppers superior to ours this year we didn't buy the latest ammunition," Alpha said."Send detectives to investigate the Wes gate government and give me the report in the next one hour," Alpha
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Preparing to invade the west gate government.
The werewolves kingdom realized the two leaders were going to ambush the west gate government already the west gate government was on alert after seeing several choppers landing in the East gate city the soldiers were alerted and they got prepared for any attack the werewolves kingdom prepared to rescue Joshua and Jane the mother and grandfather of Jack, at midnight Liam Jack and Rock led other werewolves to the East gate city to rescue Jack's family they rushed Jack leading them they swamped over the river to the other side and passed through the jungle to the East gate city the werewolves entered through the gates the soldiers didn't mind they rushed through the city streets to Joshua Jack transformed into a human and rushed to Joshua's house and knocked Joshua fast sleep woke he was nervous when he heard the knock at the door"Grandpa it's me Jack open the door" Jack whispered.Joshua heard that it was Jack his grandson he rushed to open Jack rushed in."Why are you here at this ti
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Billionaire fell in love with Becky
The dynasty kingdom and the billionaire mafia assembled the soldiers and the ammunition to fight the west gate government Desmond and Solo were given to head the invasion, Mafia billionaire was thinking about Becky he fell in love with her but Becky was not an easy catch she had already fallen in love with Jack already in the werewolves kingdom she was worried that no one is going to save her from the hands of the Alpha mafia billionaire she was kept in a well self-contained room with a balcony for her to warm on the sunshine Jack werewolf realized that Becky his love has been abducted he sensed through smell and he had already known that the Alpha mafia billionaire has fallen in love with her Liam realized how Jack behaved he moved towards him."What is the problem you already have your mother and your grandmother here," Liam asked "There is a problem my girlfriend has need abducted by the Mafia billionaire and he has fallen in love with her don't know what to do," Jack said."You m
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West gate government celebrating
The west gate government forces returned after a fierce fight with casualties they took injured soldiers to the military hospital and other soldiers were reinforced in the border to avoid ambush from the East gate city Mafia the werewolves kingdom realized that the west gate government has got a stable force to protect its territory against any aggression Raphael the West gate government ruler called for a great celebration while the East gate city and dynasty kingdom were shocked how they lost the battle king Albert flew to the East gate city to meet the Alpha mafia billionaire to discuss what happened his jet landed at East gate city Alpha mafia billionaire rushed to welcomed him."Your Highness you are welcome" Alpha billionaire said."What is the meaning of this why have we lost the battle what happened?" King Albert asked."I don't know why but I thought the west gate government was weak but I have realized that they are currently very strong", the Mafia billionaire said."I told
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