The Dawn Falls

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The Dawn Falls

By: Matt Hardy Evite OngoingMystery/Thriller

Language: English

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Catherine’s parents were killed when a group of wolves attacked their house. For her safety, her brothers brought her to the town of Dusk and Dawn to start a new life. Vengeful, she badly wanted to find out why wolves attacked them. One afternoon before the sun sets, she was reading near the lake when Angelo the boy next to their house pulled her back to their home. Angelo told her that there are wolves during the night and it is dangerous for her to go outside. Later, she found out that Angelo is also a wolf, but belongs to the clan of good wolves. By connecting the clues and what Angelo’s grandmother was telling her, she realized that she was somehow special.

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61 chapters
Chapter 1
PART ONE: NEW HOMECHAPTER 1Before the sun seeps between the dark ash clouds, a group of wolves attacked our home.Our neighbors were talking about wolves nonstop since the day that I remember. I thought it was a myth because I haven’t seen one. But now, I’ve seen not one but five of them. They all looked hungry with their saliva almost dropping from their pointy teeth.I can’t do anything about it. I’m weak. All I do was stare at my parents, trying to block the main door by leaning heavy objects we could find. Felix, my oldest brother, was the one helping them while Jay held my hand tight.“Jay, hide your sister!” Mom cried and her voice almost broke. “Go inside your rooms, make sure that you lock the doors. Don’t go outside whatever you hear.”“But mom…” Jay didn’t dare to continue on his words when Felix shot him with a deadly glare. He turned to me
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Chapter 2
CHAPTER 2Mom and Dad were the first people who believed in me. They told me that I could do anything with perseverance and self-confidence. I wasn’t confident in myself, especially in school but the two of them gave me the motivation to do so. Now that they’re gone, I don’t know what to feel anymore. I lost my interest in the things that were fun for me before.I stayed inside our new house for a whole week. I read a book but got constantly distracted by the noise of children playing outside. Jay and Felix weren’t home as much as I do. The only time I see both of them was either in the evening or in the early morning before they go to their respective jobs.In one week, I finished four fantasy books and a contemporary book that made me cry. It wasn’t a sad book, but I remembered Mom and Dad when I read it. I miss them so much.When my brothers left for their work, I followed their advice to live my life. The outside world was
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Chapter 3
CHAPTER 3The place was a sanctuary to me. I finished the book that I was reading without being distracted on scrolling through social media platforms and watch short videos about books instead of reading. My brothers were glad that I finally got out from my shell and started exploring.When we had dinner, they warned me again on not staying outside during the night. They’ve been at home earlier, before the sun sets. Because of that, I would want to see the sunset and ran back home during the night.“Where are you going?” Felix asked me while he’s reading a book.“Running around the town.”He nodded. “Don’t go that far away. It’s already afternoon and don’t go home after sunset.”“Fine,” I answered and disappeared inside our house. Felix would’ve been a perfect father to a child if he decided to be one. He had a girlfriend back then but I’m not sure wha
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Chapter 4
CHAPTER 4Tornado, that’s a word I can describe in my current situation. Strong winds and twists flipped my world upside down. Was there something I didn’t know about myself? I don’t completely believe in them. Everyone in here cannot be werewolves. There must be humans somewhere else.I was stunned even after Angelo and Nana left the house before we had our quiet dinner. No one talked about what happened again. But Felix pleased me that I should be more careful about my actions.I don’t want to believe them that this town was full of werewolves. I haven’t seen Nana or Angelo turn into werewolves. Even last night, I only heard the scary sound and growls but there are no creatures who appeared in front of me.In the first place, I wouldn’t believe in werewolves if I hadn’t seen them kill my parents before. Having another creature living in this world was unbelievable. It sounded like a fantasy.At the same t
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Chapter 5
CHAPTER 5I don’t know what Angelo means by not trusting anyone. I don’t trust him either. I was forced to trust his family for the sake of our safety. Not trusting others was an easy task for me. I don’t talk to strangers, especially social people who only know how to talk a lot.Angelo’s first class was different than mine. My brothers were familiar with my previous classes that’s why they picked the same for me. I picked AP US History before because I thought that would be amazing and entertaining. I was wrong. The teacher we had was boring. It felt like an hour of speech and not an engaging lecture. I took European History back in junior year and the teacher was great. In US History, we are forced to finish a certain number of pages for the recitation next class.I do love reading. Being a reader since I was a child was an advantage for that class. It took me a few minutes to read fifty pages while others took more than an hour.
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Chapter 6
CHAPTER 6For my next days as a high school student in the community high school, Angelo became my walking buddy. It wasn’t awkward between the two of us. Aside from Saturdays, we get to spend other days with each other. He’s a more open person than I thought of. I guessed I earned my first friend in this town.I was waiting for him when Nana offered me cookies. It looked like a normal cookie, then I remembered that she was a werewolf. I’m afraid there’s something in the ingredient of that cookie.“It’s a normal treat, dear. You don’t have to be scared of us. I told you to trust us,” she said and I accepted the cookie.Inside their house, I saw a family picture near the television set. Angelo got his features from his mother. They almost looked the same. His brother was also good-looking like him though they didn’t have the same face. His sister, like his brother and Gelo, was also attractive. I guesse
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Chapter 7
CHAPTER 7My parents were covered with blood. I was at the staircase and they were at the door. Werewolves did these things to them. And I wasn’t able to save them.They were screaming for help. They screamed for pain. I couldn't move my body from my position. I want to run towards them. I want to help them to stand out. But I was frozen in my place.“You’re always my girl, Cath,” Daddy said in a low monotone voice. His voice sounded like he was losing blood.“You’re always our baby.” My mom smiled despited of the pain she was struggling with.I love you Mom and Dad, I thought to myself. I wasn’t able to let it through my mouth. I love them and I wished I was able to protect them.My eyes opened. Everything was a dream. A nightmare. I found myself in a dark place. Old classroom chairs, broken tables, dirt on the ground. I was tied around a chair. Where am I?I almost forgot that Mr. Higg
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Chapter 8
CHAPTER 8Jay was massaging my nose with an ice pack. There’s a stream of blood that bled from it earlier. The way Ms. Durrant spanked my face with the plank must be that hard to cause bleeding.Angelo saved me. I don’t know what happened to me if he didn’t arrive there. Those three teachers must’ve killed me. The two other werewolves he was with were Minnie and Sage. The two of them looked the same as what I saw in their picture frame.The night was already dark when we left the basement of that building. There was no other person in the school aside from the three teachers who kidnapped me, me, and three people who saved me. The school was surprisingly open during the night even without bodyguards. We’re lucky that we didn’t encounter any wolves. I mean, there were werewolves in human form around. But none of them shapeshifted into a wolf.“What happened, Catherine?” Felix asked. He wasn’t mad at this moment. Instead, worries were planted all over his face. If it’s my fault that I w
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Chapter 9
CHAPTER 9Gwen and Aki chaired themselves on both of my sides. Their face was curious. I knew they were going to ask about what happened yesterday. I had to thank them for telling Angelo where I was. They indirectly saved my life.“I’m flattered to see that you’re perfectly fine. We knew what happened yesterday,” Gwen said. Her dazzling hair was blown by the wind coming from the outside. I hope they were not gaining my trust for the worst-case scenario. I reminded myself to socialize with them but not put my trust in the first place.“We’re still unable to shapeshift. We knew Gelo already learned how to shapeshift. Our parents were slaves of betas. Fighting them would put our life at stake,” Aki explained. Then he narrated a whole lot of a story about his friendship with Gwen since they were kids. Unfair justice was also applicable in the life of these werewolves. We can’t go wrong on our steps, especially if we’re going to face the higher-ups.“Don’t worry that much about me. Angelo
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Chapter 10
CHAPTER 10Today, my brothers will kill me. At least on the inside. I have to tell them my decision on training with Angelo wherever he was training. This wasn’t for my safety—for them. The family who took care of me. This was my way to give back on their efforts on me.I expected Felix would open up a hot debate about the matter. They won’t let me go. For them, it would be too dangerous. They didn’t want me to open up as a half-blood werewolf. They wanted to keep things normal to me. But life wouldn’t be normal because I’m different. And I belong to these creatures living in this town.Felix was watching a thriller action movie on our television—Jay was folding clothes. I choked my fears as I approached them.“Catherine,” Felix muttered. He has strong instincts as he felt my presence though I wasn’t too close to him. “You need anything?”We weren’t siblings only in paper. He’s my brother because of our connection.“I don’t. I have to tell you something.” He picked the remote lying on
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