Chapter 9

The pack had been preparing for this moment for weeks, and now it was finally here. The hunters had finally located their hidden base, and they were closing in for the kill.

Maya and Jake stood at the front of the pack, leading their warriors into battle. They had trained for this moment, and they were ready to face the hunters head-on.

As the hunters approached, the werewolves let out a fierce howl, signalling the start of the battle. Maya and Jake shifted into their werewolf forms, ready for the fight.

The battle was intense, with hunters and werewolves alike exchanging blows and snarling at each other. Maya and Jake fought side by side, their claws and teeth tearing through the hunters.

The hunters were no match for the werewolves, and they were quickly overpowered. But just as it seemed like the battle was won, a figure appeared on the horizon.

It was the leader of the hunters, a tall, imposing man with a cold look in his eyes. He raised his gun, aiming directly at Maya.

At that m
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