Chapter 19: Summer Competition 8 - 500 points short

Hao Qi was shocked at both of their displays of power. "You … Both of you have brought down a Tier 3 monster...a half step Tier3 monster granted , but still..they would be as strong as the upper layers of Qi Condensation realm cultivators. And yet you brought it down in ONLY 2 MOVES!!! How can that be possible??"

Hua looked at Luo and asked him, "Qi Gathering realm cultivators can only cover their bodies in Qi and then attack their opponents with that. I have never seen any Gathering Qi cultivators cause explosions that are as freaky as that. No to mention, those stones you used to attack caused a similar kind of explosion. Why is that? How did you do it? "

Luo hesitated but then made up his resolve and said " Would you guys tell me your family's cultivation secrets if I just simply asked you? Hua..would you tell me the secret behind that superfast attack that you did just now . It packed a hell lot of power. Would you tell me? I'm as

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