Chapter 18: Summer Competition 7 - The battles continue

The second day was upon the contestants. Xiao Wu and his lackeys were leading in terms of overall cores because he had pushed them without letting them sleep using lesser Qi replenishment pills. They were finally in a layer where Tier2 beasts started appearing. Red-scaled Nagas were spotted leading small hunting parties of Tier1 Nagas.

Xiao Wu cleverly distributed antidote pills to all of his followers and set up ambushes for the hunting parties. Sometimes it would work and after having sneakily killed the Red scaled naga, they would slaughter the other Nagas, but sometimes the monsters would detect the ambush and it would become a battle.

Xiao Wu was the only one who was in the Qi Condensation realm among them so he would lead the charge and then the others would attack the Red scaled naga coordinating with each other. Their tactics served them pretty well as they carefully moved through the slightly deeper levels on the second day.


Luo and the other

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