Chapter 24: Runes!!

Luo looked at them and said "You know it's things like these that can hurt a man's feelings." They still maintained the distance although they were grinning a little bit.

"So, what is your cultivation level right now Hua?" Luo asked him.

"Peak of the 5th layer of the Qi condensation realm, you?"

"Half step Qi condensation realm (as in almost into the Qi condensation realm 1st layer). So we have both made good progress huh. Thanks to all those pills that Xun'er bought for us from our sales of the 36 walls of Soul manual."

"Yeah. I felt that even my share was quite a bit of money and mine was just around 2% of the share. Not to even mention your huge 90% share. What do you even plan on doing with that much money?"

" I have a few ideas. I will tell you once they pan out" Luo smirked and started to stretch.

"Ohh acting all mysterious are you? Before you act all smug, you should know that you smell worse than a skunk. Let's go wash


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