Void salvation: The fictional universe

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Void salvation: The fictional universe

By: A.T_Alkei OngoingFantasy

Language: English

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Life became a contest of predator and prey when I, Ella Quinn opened my eyes inside of the survival novel I bought for research purposes. The place was rather dreadful to visualize with my own eyes. Ogres, monsters and creatures, huge as a bear I had to survive through all these. But in order to escape from here I needed help from the characters of the novel. My journey began with finding them out one by one. However something didn't sit right about that peculiar world until all of us discovered the hidden truth behind our surroundings.

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1. Bizarre world inside of the novel
Blood was draining away from her severed left arm and the deep wound near her chest as Maria pointed the gun towards the massive unsightly creature in front of her."Grrragh!" It growled with its long crooked teeth held out as it prepared to jump at Maria any moment."GO! I can't hold out much longer. Leave without me!" She screamed at Johan who was shivering at a distance, being unable to do anything. His tears, sweat and blood were mixed together on his cheeks. His chapped lips trembled, "No! I wo-""JOHAN!!!" She pulled the trigger while moving further away from him, and her lips curved into a genuine smile, "Don't make our deaths futile! Live for us, go!"The second after Maria finished her words, Johan observed her getting slashed and devoured by the horrid green-skinned ogre.His legs wanted to give up as he turned around and began sprinting towards the white light. He could sense the creature chasing after him when he gritted his teeth and rushed with all the strength left in h
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2. Facing the wild
The eastern border of Baraddurn was filled with dreadful creatures, poisonous saplings and ogres with less intelligence."Still, it didn't take them even two minutes to realize I was missing," I muttered as I heard their rushing sounds getting closer from inside.Forcing myself to stand up, I kept my breathing steady and pushed harder to run faster.But this time, I ran towards them to prove the saying, "Sometimes the riskiest zone is the safest zone." Cold air bit into my lungs because of my sprint. I didn't get the opportunity to feel fear, although my heart was jumping inside of my chest. I passed over them, making some of them lose their balance, and some didn't even notice me. I felt my legs flying over stones and leaves as the ground was shaking because of their tumble.I turned my body and entered the forest. The trees were more suitable to cover me. I steadily peeked through the limb of one of the Aurepavers and saw them spreading around. I let out a long sigh as I collapsed
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3. Gateway to the central
My spine tingled with fear, my mind unable to think as my death flashed before my eyes when I saw the monster in front of me. A deep snarl came from its slimy body covered in thick black scale with an appearance as large as a bear.It halted as soon as it heard a roar from behind. My fear grew as I noticed another two of them coming over. A foggy view of them carrying something in their mouth caught my eye while they kept getting nearer. My heart gave a lurch as I swallowed hard, seeing the corpses held by their teeth. These creatures were probably the hounds here. My body was paralyzed with terror as I couldn't move a muscle and stared at those sunken, black eyes and decayed faces, revealing a set of rotten fangs and black gums of the corpses they kept beside me. Seeing them unheeding, I slowly groped around my waist to grab a stone as I prepared my legs to run. "But how am I going to outrun them?" I thought in anxiety. They were as fast as a wolf and large as a bear with dreadful
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4. The beginning of the journey
"I'm coming for you, Dae hyun joon!" As I inched my way toward the cliff, my legs were shaking uncontrollably. I could feel the coldness of the rock beneath my feet when my toes curled around the edge in one last futile attempt at survival."It was good when I climbed up, but why am I feeling heavy again?" I sobbed internally as my heart raced like a trapped bird, desperate to flee. The gravity there seemed to work in a very peculiar way. Gazing down the sheer drop, I nearly fainted. I could hear stones breaking free and fiercely tumbling downside, plummeting into the dark abyss of the forbidden black water, splashing down the surface. "At least there's water?" An awkward smile of fear curled into my face as I stared at the dark river at the foot of the border. The trees began to rapidly close in around me in a suffocating clench as I gradually climbed down, and the faint sight of the ground did ease the distress. The cool breeze felt like needles upon my bare skin, leaving a trail
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5. Meeting a certain someone
"This is him, Dae Hyun Joon!"Seeing my favourite character standing before me my stomach flattered as I smiled through the green blood smudged on my face, making my face look more like a psychopath."Describe your existence in summary before I chop off your head."He drove his sword closer to my face. The tip was glazing as I stared at it while taking a big gulp down my throat- as expected from a 'Kumdo'- Korean swordsman. "W-well, sir...I escaped from the eastern border. I'm a human."I stuttered from anxiety, after seeing his cold alluring face up close. My small secret- I'm weak towards handsome faces."You escaped from...there?" He slowly withdrew his sword and stared at me with a frown, and his silky black bangs brushed against his brows. After hesitating for a moment, he cleared his throat while inserting his sword inside the sheath wrapped around his waist."Can you stand?" His voice switched from harsh to gentle."Yes." After standing up on my legs, I tried to wipe the sli
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6. Miscalculation
A bone-chilling wind brushed against my body as I wrapped my hands around my legs while sitting on the massive branch. I glanced down to see those barely visible black trails snaking through the undergrowth and the moon shining through a lattice of leaves. Benjamin and Joon seemed to be sound asleep further away from me. However, my eyes couldn't shut down due to my tumbling anxiety. Every nerve of mine felt as if someone was watching me. I sprung my head behind, hearing a rustle to see Joon coming closer to me while saying, "Can't sleep?" "Ah! No...But weren't you sleeping just a while ago?" I said as I felt relieved seeing him awake. "I was trying to, but the 'ambush' matter kept bothering me. What's keeping you awake?" His firm shoulder brushed against mine as he sat beside me."I dunno...Flies?""You mean Shelps? I don't think they're in this area." His ash eyes wandered around the tree to make sure what he said was right.Shelps, was it? It's a venomous species of flies. Its b
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7. Concealed strike
Without delaying another second, Joon grabbed Benjamin's arm and wrapped it around his shoulder, "Go! Go!"Both of us darted past trails, logs and trees. Thankfully I kept a spare bottle of oil around my waist, which could be used to cover ourselves. Shelps despised the scent of Oil, so they avoid going near it. However, we didn't have kerosene with us."Joon! The oil!" While keeping pace with his fast sprints, I tossed the bottle to him. All of a sudden, we were hit by spiky bushes and our feet halted. I could hear the slow, dragging beat of my heart as panic rushed through me since it was hard to select which part would be safest to set foot in without light. My mind stopped working. A deep sense of uneasiness held me rigid. It felt even heavier when the trees shook up with rustling sounds getting closer to us from behind. I glanced at Joon and saw his sweaty face when his widened eyes gave me a quick nervous glance before looking ahead with hopes shattering, and Benjamin almost pas
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8. Made it through
"BEHIND YOU!"Being unable to fight back, Joon basically fell to the ground along with that beast. I pushed myself and rushed towards him while gritting my teeth with the dagger pointed towards that creature. Before I knew it, the dagger slit through its neck, splashing its peculiar blood all over Joon's face."It was stung. Or else I'd be dead by now!" He said as he pushed away the body. He inhaled and exhaled sharply, one of his eyes was closed due to blood hardened. "What about Benjamin?""He's unconscious" I tore a piece of the rag I was wearing and covered his wounds that were visual to me. Joon steadily tried to pace with his breath and stood up. "They're coming here now." He said with warning mixed in his voice, pointing me to back off. "They're weak now! So aim for their cords. We can finish them all at once." He said while clutching the broken piece of his sword. "Are you crazy? You want to fight in that situation?" I nagged while throwing the flint towards him to help him s
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9. A breather after the storm
For a split second, I felt like I was floating, weightless and adrift in a sea of darkness. I couldn't see anything, but I heard a strange noise around me and smelled the faint scent of blood.I tried to move to reach out and touch something solid, but my limbs felt heavy and unresponsive as if they were floating in the air and felt the motion of something carrying me, like a gentle breeze that lifted me up and carried me away as I felt a sense of comfort and safety in the embrace of the thing that carried me. I was trapped in that strange, blurry sensation, unable to make sense of anything."Joon?" I tried to call out his name, but my voice was silenced by the weight of my unconsciousness.But then I heard his voice calling my name, and it was like a bolt of lightning that jolted me back to consciousness. I felt my eyes snap open, and I saw Joon's injured face and those grey orbs looking down at me. As I sat up, I felt a rush of adrenaline coursing through my veins. It was like I had
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10. The intense battle
All the times I've run after coming here, there was one thing I noticed, my body seemed to move at an incredible speed, almost as if I was weightless. The ogres that I had encountered so far were slow and lumbering.I knew from the story, about the Regal members being dangerous and intelligent, and I knew that they wouldn't be easy to fight. But I was determined to see for myself what they were truly capable of.We planned to ambush the Regal camp that we had to cross, and Joon and I had prepared carefully for the attack. I was hiding in a pit that I had dug, waiting for Joon's signal to make my move.As I stared ahead at the camp, my nerves were on edge. I knew that this was just the first of many Regal camps that we would encounter, and each member was more powerful than the last.Right at the moment Joon stepped into the courtyard, she appeared before him in a flash. She was covered in a long fur coat and wore a helmet with wavy horns made of iron. Her eyes were a deep red, and the
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