Chapter 33: The man called Luo Gong

Luo Gong snapped and was seething with rage even as Min Yunqi tried to heal him. He stopped her, looked into her eyes and said "It's okay. Why are you crying Min. It is going to be okay. Trust me."

After saying this. Luo turned to the master and said "Master of the Fate enforcer guild, Ren Yunqi, I sense that your powers don't originate here. I also understand hints of your purpose, to enforce order onto a world without one. I get it really do and I also know that this name 'Yunqi' that my Min and you carry is not something you are born with but rather are recognitions from the worlds or something like that. I get all of this and what drives you, but tell me this, out of all this higher purpose and what not, where did you get the right to treat her like this? She did not care about this Fate business of yours or what the worlds forced onto her.

Is that why you punish her? You may tell yourself that, but I know what it is, it is just the baseless exercise of your powe


Sacrificeeeee~~~ Doesnt that make you tear up :< :<

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