Chapter 44 - Messenger at the Ancient Zither Abode
Luo had made amazing progress with the short scythes and in extending Qi to his weapons. But his most valuable progress was to his soul cultivation because of painting 10000 runes in the room.

Now both Luo and Hua, with just a month left to leave from the secluded cultivation, sat down to circulate and refine their Qi.


With it having been a month and a half since everyone went into secluded cultivation, Pan Hua was guarding the entire sect and taking care of administrative business of the sect without any major incidents happening other than arguments with a few merchants. He had even gotten new trade deals by being more shameless than the sect master usually is.

With a couple of weeks left before the sect master and everyone came out, Pan hua got word of summons to open at the sect gate. Pan Hua greeted the messenger and bade him to follow to a guest house. Once inside he offered hospitality for the messenger in the form of tea and some snacks.

“Well, what is your name and w

The curtains open in the following chapter on a new arc. Who is this 3rd prince of Ji kingdom and why was the Ancient Zither abode selected as the host for the spring hunting competition. It is certainly an honor for the sect to host it but Pan Hua suspects opportunists, abuse of power and foul play may come into the picture. Is he right? Read on to find out more.

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