Once Banished [The retribution]

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Once Banished [The retribution]

By: Alegría Del Autor OngoingFantasy

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After the death of Alpha Rey Reed Smith, he opened his eyes, only to find himself in another realm; the realm of the ancient gods. Rey Reed Smith opened his eyes and found himself on the salt sea shore with no memories of his past life, where he came from, or where he was going. However, he was lucky to be adopted by two brothers, Garry and Gaius. As Rey started seeking a way to recover his lost memories, he was caught in the affairs of the middle land. He discovered that everyone in the middle land was suffering from the curse of their first Alpha. Slowly, the curse started generating, affecting the two brothers that helped Rey on the beach, leaving Rey no choice but to help his friends. When Rey was deeply engrossed trying to break the curse, he discovered that it might be the key for him to return to his realm. But with the multiple trouble from Sebastian Stan, the dark Alpha of the middle land, and Dylan Knoll, a distant cousin of Xavier Knoll who is back to avenge his brother’s death and unleash the wrath of Xavier on the people, Rey might find himself biting more than he can chew.

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  • Blessing Okosi


    I like the male lead, Dylan. A feisty and hot character. Seems I'm falling in love, Lol. I'm really enjoying the book.

    2023-09-10 21:00:43
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53 chapters
Chapter 1
Dylan kicked his horse harder, riding with determination, knowing fully well that every minute he spent on the ride was precious.Behind him, riding with the same fury as their leader, were a hundred fierce warriors. All of them were kicking their horses, holding the reins with one hand while the other was holding a silver spear. They aim forward as if expecting any unexpected attack or ambush. But they were not; it’s how Dylan trained them. He had been breeding these hundreds of warriors ever since they were eighteen.He chose hundreds of hardened wolves from his pack, and trained them himself with combat, becoming in sync with their wolf, and how to use different weapons other than claws. He had been breeding them for a day like this ever since the death of Xavier Knoll, the Alpha that was killed by Sebastian years ago.Dylan was sure that he would catch his victims unaware. Sebastian wasn't expecting such a seizure; he was certain of it. That’s because no one in the middle land, or
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Chapter 2
Dylan held a flaming torch in his hand as he galloped out in front of his army and then leaned over to light the thatched roof of the Moabites men. As he did this, the roof caught fire, burning immediately and spreading, too.The battle between him and the commander didn't last more than fifteen minutes, while his men took care of the Moabites soldiers. Dylan complimented the commander’s men. They were skilled and well-trained. Nevertheless, they can’t match Dylan’s men. His men were faster, brutish, and fierce. They easily cut down the Moab’s soldiers.In a matter of minutes, Dylan had managed to set the entire village on fire. He galloped through the streets, circling again and again, killing those that managed to make it out of their house unharmed. All around him, his men did the same. They killed every living thing that came in their path and chased those that were running for safety.Dylan kept circling all the streets of Moab as the screaming of men pierced the atmosphere. The
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Chapter 3
Thick smoke filled the atmosphere. The weather was so dark, and great heat filled the surroundings. The high mountain has been scattered and torn down because of the fatal clashes between the two beings.Rey Reed Smith rolled on the earth, his body healing slowly and his breath rough. His face was filled with dirt. All the bruises on his body were starting to heal, too. He groaned, spilled blood, and cleaned his mouth.He gathered all the strength in his body, summoned his Alpha power, and yanked himself up. He shakes his head and repositions himself, facing his enemy.“We can do this all day,” the second man said, smiling. “This is one of the reasons why I chose you. You had great endurance. You won't give up easily. You're the perfect vessel for me.”Rey Reed scoffed, “Lord Rey, or whatever you called yourself, you had made a great mistake by messing with the wrong being.”Lord Rey shakes his head to show that Rey Reed Smith was wrong. He knew what he was doing. He will never make a
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Chapter 4
Rey Reed Smith galloped on the horse that was given to him by Gaius, racing across the desert land and heading toward the tavern that was located on the outskirts of the town. By the time he crossed the Isengard border and arrived at Ai, the first sun was shining brightly.Rey reduced the speed of his horse, throttling gently into the town. After another hour of riding, he jumped off his horse, held his reins, and tried looking for a clue.Gaius had told him that the bandits who kidnapped Garry came in this direction. He told him that they were wearing armor and bearing the flag of the Ai men. Rey didn't waste any time. He chased after them immediately.Luckily, he was able to catch up with one of them on his way here. The man he caught was dying. He was suffering from a fever, forcing his men to leave him behind. They probably thought he wouldn't make it. He will only slow their journey down.Rey was lucky to meet the man some minutes before he breathed his last breath. He was the on
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Chapter 5
Eventually, Rey couldn't stand the disgusting face of the bartender anymore. He was overwhelmed with rage and the urge to fight. He needs something to unleash his anger on. He wants someone to feel the pain he felt in his dream. Unfortunately, the bartender and his men had just become the perfect scapegoat he needed.As the innkeeper's men lunged at him, Rey wasted no time; he darted toward them. He has been trained to fight with multiple men on multiple occasions. Besides, Rey had a gut feeling that he was used to a situation like this.The only thing Rey did was feel a little bad for these men. They didn't know who he was. They were humans, but he was not. He was different from them. He was a night-walking creature.A huge man raised his hand to hit Rey, and the latter dove, grabbing his hand in the same motion and then throwing him over his shoulder. Without hesitation, Rey spun around and back-kicked another man in his manhood. He stepped back to avoid a plank as another man swung
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Chapter 6
Rey dismounted his horse and hurried inside the tavern. He elbowed his way past the people who were drinking and created a path to the innkeeper. The innkeeper was standing at the end of the room, writing down people's names as they came to book room.He was a slimy-looking fellow, wearing a fake smile and sweating and rubbing his hands together as he counted their coins.As Rey approached, the man raised his head, a wide smile on his lips, and asked, “How may I assist you, gentleman?”The man paused and focused his attention on Rey when he heard no response from him. “Did you need a room, sir?” he asked again. “Should I get you a stripper to handle you throughout the night?”Rey shook his head to signify that he didn’t need anything the man asked for and walked closer to him to avoid raising his voice and attracting unwanted attention to himself.“I’m looking for a group of bandits that came from Isengard,” Rey whispered. “I was told that they were seen here a few hours ago. They had
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Chapter 7
As Rey Reed Smith kept walking toward the kingpin, he could feel his anger increasing. He couldn't believe that such a thing still existed in the Middle Land, right under the control of a dread king. Rey gritted his teeth, and his eyes turned dark.He had thought everyone in the Middle Land feared Sebastian. It was wrong. Not everyone feared him. If they did, such an attitude wouldn't exist in his territory without him being able to do anything. Rey presumed that he doesn't even know. Such a shame.The Kingpin's men were the first to notice Rey approaching. They stepped forward to meet him halfway, but the kingpin himself raised a finger, stopping his men from rushing forward."Perhaps he will come for business." The man said, and his men relaxed.Rey stood in front of the man. One could easily see the rage on his face. He was trying to stop himself from hitting the man first. He was an honorable man after all, and it would be bad to hurt a man first unless he had a reasonable excuse.
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Chapter 8
Rey continued his chasing after the locusts' bandits. He galloped on his horse, racing against time as the image of Garry filled his head. He kept charging across the outskirts of the town and heading west, just like the kingpin had told him. He had been racing throughout the night until the sun finally broke in the sky.Rey looked up, and he couldn't believe it. He had been riding all night without stopping to take a nap or rest. He couldn't believe that he had spent a day looking for Garry. He had thought it would be a simple job, but he was wrong. Now, he was sure without a doubt that Gaius would be damn worried. He just hoped he wasn't trying something bad.After some minutes of racing, Rey finally spotted the outline of a small castle ahead of him. It was built on a hill and surrounded by a formidable moat, a drawbridge, and a stone wall. It was also guarded by more than a dozen soldiers. They wore distinctive armor that Rey had never seen in Isengard before. It was green, shiny
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Chapter 9
Rey Reed Smith was disgusted by the man's response. He had never felt so humiliated like this in his entire life. He had given him a chance, hoping that he would accept it, release Garry, and spread the bloodshed. But this man has rejected his offer.Rey hated him. Surely, this man's pride will be his downfall. He was very wrong if he thought all the newly turned wolves he was harboring as a soldier would stop him. Rey will show him that there's a limit to a force in the universe that can stop him. He will show Lord Savannah and the black locust bandits that he is hosting something greater. He was hosting the spirit of their ancestor.Surprisingly, Rey felt eager to test out some of Lord Rey's power. The man had given him a minute to use his power, and Rey will not waste precious time and strength. Within that minute, he will create havoc unlike any that Lord Savannah and his men have ever seen. He will show the lord and his men that there's someone greater than them, someone greater
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Chapter 10
"Rey Reed Smith!" Garry called out, his voice fading away. He was in distress.Rey could feel his heart pounding in his chest as he reached the top of the castle landing and finally heard where the scream was coming from. He turned to the left door and charged down the hallway. After a minute of running, he spotted an open door at the end of the hallway and raced for it.Rey burst into the room and saw Garry. The scene left him speechless, and he knew he might lose him anytime soon.Garry's hand was bound behind him, and he saw a soldier grabbing him roughly and pushing him toward the open window."You will pay for what you did to my lord," The soldiers seethed in rage, and Rey could guess what the man was trying to do. He was preparing to throw Garry out of the window, sending him plunging to his death just like Rey had done to their master.Rey did not hesitate. He summoned all the speed his body could offer and dashed at the man. Before the soldier could throw Garry out the window,
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