The first encounter : Gabriel's Pov
When she heard my voice, she quickly stopped and looked like a statue that couldn't move where she was. I smiled as I walked towards her, but before I could get close to her, a man behind me ran towards me and sprayed me with a fire extinguisher. Because of that, I stopped and became blind to my surroundings. I was unable to see anything and I didn't like it sticking to my skin, so I pushed it away and just ran somewhere. I was just stunned as I was panting and furious. Furthermore, I looked around, but she wasn't there. Instantly, she suddenly disappeared from my sight and regardless of where I looked, I didn't feel any creature near me. Therefore, I screamed loudly out of anger and went straight to the exit stairs to go up to the fifth floor. I was thinking that maybe that person had something to do with the girl escaping from me earlier. My chest almost felt like it was on fire because of so much anger, but I immediately stopped when I was in front of the door. I tried to push it ha
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