Altered Cosmos

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Altered Cosmos

By: Unaware Ovie Emmanuel CompletedSci-Fi

Language: English

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About 50 years ago, the latest world military experiment gone wrong now publicly dubbed 'The Beginning of the End or the Genesis Event' occured, thrusting the world into an age of war. A war between humans and an army of artificial intelligent beings created by the experiment who called themselves the Spider Web. Humanity's only hope of matching their terrifying abilities were the Trons, humans who were affected by the experiment and gifted with equally terrifying abilities.Levi West was a ordinary guy peacefully living in one of the refugee camps when he himself awakened as a Tron and got dragged into this seemingly neverending war......

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  • Unaware Ovie Emmanuel


    Alright. I'll bite first. I'm giving this book a 3 to be as neutral as possible but I think it's an interesting piece of work. I know it's not perfect, but I'm doing my best to make it awesome. Please share to other readers and provide comments or critique to make it even better. Thank you.

    2022-04-12 01:16:34
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238 chapters
Act 1-Second Beginning
Technology… The modern world of the 21st century revolves around it. From communication to movement and entertainment, technology has influenced everything we need and use to get by our everyday life. But as this technology developed to help better the world, there were also variants developed for destruction. As around the year 2035, the world leaders collaborated on a classified break-through project that was reported to revolutionize the military industry but in 2048, a certain incident occurred with the project which lead to a massive explosion which not only damaged the leader’s plans but also left a literal permanent mark on the earth’s surface with a huge debate on what caused this world-wide error. The debate became more violent as the leader’s began to question this event as mere accident or sabotage by a nation seeking the weapon for themselves… All conflict resolution attempts seemed futile and before the world knew it, a certain bomb attack on America in 2050 marked t
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Chapter 1; It Begins
The year is 2099. On a large island located a distance away from the coast of South Africa…… a group of 10 men dressed in modern brown hunting outfit were hiking through the thick forest… they were a mixture of different races with a pick-up truck with an empty trunk following them while two men lead in front… One of the leaders was a tall, muscular dark-skinned man of about 50 years with a long moustache and beard. His outfit was unique with a hood covering his short black hair and a long metallic spear on his back. He turns to the other man leading with a cheeky smile. “I still can’t believe you’re hunting with us. Can you still use that thing?” He chuckled with his tone that of a Ghanaian. The other man of 45 years of age who was not as tall and wasn’t that muscular turned to him and smiled. He was light-skinned unlike his very dark companion and his black hair was short and curly. “I admit that it’s a long time since I’ve hunted myself…” He said with an almost normal American
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Chapter 2; Isolated
Levi takes the back door and enters the house but he deactivates his power when he sees a familiar figure in red with some maids working in the large kitchen. He hesitates a little before taking a deep breath and walking into the kitchen. The maids turn to their attention to the new presence in the room and smiled at him. “Welcome back, Levi.” The most elderly of the maids said and Levi waves at her but he flinches when he realised a particular woman staring at him. She was 42 years of age and she was basically the same height with Levi. She had a small x shaped birthmark on her forehead at the left side. And based on her similar Afro-Asian bronze skin-colour, brown eye and long black smooth hair which reached her back, you can tell that she was very closely related to Levi. “Hi, mum.” Levi said, sheepishly as she approaches him with a scary look on her face and she stops in front of him in silence. She suddenly gives him her signature scary-sweet smile and speaks. “Your father to
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Chapter 3; Drals
Drals; Just like with Trons, there are some animals that had also been affected by the Genesis all those years ago. But unlike Trons who gain specific powers, the Drals are just destructive beings with no real ability that makes them stand out like Trons. Levi watches as the event seemed to only be occurring at the main gate from the village but notices that it began to spread inward. “Damn it.” Without much thought, Levi leaps out of the window, lands on the solid ground and races across the field before flipping over the fence around his home to help handle the situation. “Levi!” Rose shouted as she barged into his room but once she saw his empty bed and the opened window, she understood what happened. “No.” She said as she rushes out of his room with a concerned expression on her face. Meanwhile, Levi was already back on the village floor and speeding across the barely lit roads while residents ran away from the action ahead of him. As he approaches the danger area, he catches t
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Chapter 4; Unexpected Guest
3 days later, Levi was playing basketball in the afternoon with some other kids his age on a basketball court not too far the northern gate of the village which lead to the seaport. A short boy dribbles past a defender and passes the ball to his teammate who quickly hurls it into Levi’s grasp. Two boys tried to stop him but Levi performs a professional drive through before performing a lay-up and the ball falls through the net with a swish. “That’s right.” Levi said as he high-fives his teammate just as the other team approached them. “You’re only winning because you have a Tron on your team.” The boy with the ball said and Levi chuckles as he turns to them with a hand on his hip. “For your information, I’ve not used my powers yet. I’m just a good player.” Another member of the opposite team spoke next. “Yeah right.” He sarcastically said and one of Levi’s teammate speaks up. “Come on guys. You all know Levi’s actually got some skills.” “Some?” Levi chuckles as he stares at his
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Chapter 5; Incognito Fail
All seem normal in Asylum Bay following the Dral attack, with reconstruction and repairs moving smoothly and people getting back to their normal lives……except Levi who had been constantly restraining himself because Agent Steel from The Index had been living in his house and the streets now filled with a few Index workers. It’s already been 3 days but Steel has shown no sign of leaving, increasing Levi and his family’s concern. What further disturbs them, mostly Luke was that he found out who sent that message……which was Harold as expected. After another bitter argument between Luke and Harold which didn’t end well…… Harold reluctantly agrees to keep Levi’s powers a secret…for now. It’s another afternoon and Levi was in the garden behind his house reading a book. He hums along with the song coming from his headphones when his eyes suddenly glowed uncontrollably. “Hey Levi.” Levi suddenly forces his powers back in when he hears the familiar voice and turns around to see Steel who j
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Chapter 6; The Little Hero
In the midst of the burning and broken village, a figure zooms across the road, leaving a little gust of wind as he moves without a moment’s hesitation. Levi leaps on a car before flipping onto a lamppost with his hands tightly clasping the metal bar he is crouching on. He looks ahead where several attacks and fire was spread out throughout the village close to the southern gate with the threat advancing towards him. He grits his teeth in anger and his hands slowly crush the metallic pole. “Bastards…” He grumbled before closing his eyes and focusing on his senses, creating the holographic image of his environment in his head. He extends the range to the point of the battle zone where he could make out groups of Drals fighting different guards but he searches for a group which really needs his help…and turns to his left where he sees only two guards left with a large number of Drals closing on their location. He opens his blue eyes and leaps into the direction, his figure soaring
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Chapter 7; A Real Tron
Goro and Levi stare at each other, motionless at first… before Goro suddenly throws a punch into Levi who quickly leaps over it before drop kicking Goro in the face. Goro remains immobile resulting in Levi being ricocheted instead which was what he wanted because before Goro could even recover, he quickly throws a piece of metal he was secretly holding straight into Goro’s right eye. Goro shouts out as blood gushes out his right-eye while Levi lands on his feet and springs forward again. Goro growls as he throws a punch with his left fist but Levi shifts into his new blind spot and focuses a powerful punch to Goro’s right shoulder. “Damn you!” Goro groaned as he smacks Levi aside with his left arm and Levi skids to a stop some distance away before stumbling to a knee as his eyes flickered from blue to brown and back to blue. “Looks like you’re almost at your limit. You should just-” He was cut off by a loud crack which made Levi slowly smile as Goro turns to his right shoulder……wh
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Chapter 8; A New World
The shock of the attack by ‘the Tamer’ and its dral army became just a bad memory as time passes. It’s been 2 days after the attack and apart from the unfortunate loss of some of the guards in Asylum Bay, there was no civilian causality although there was a civilian who got severely injured. It was an afternoon and Levi was staying in one of the vacant guest rooms close to the house since it was torched. He was surprisingly healed completely, so perfectly that most people wouldn’t know how badly he got hurt that night. He was singing along to the song playing in his room as he was placing his clothes inside a suitcase. After he finishes packing his neatly folded clothes, he picks up a picture of his family’s photo and grimaces as he looks at his young bright smile from years ago. “Tomorrow’s the day.” He sighed before placing the frame into his suitcase and zips it up just as his music cuts off and an alarm sound fills the small room. “Damn. I’m late.” He mumbled as he grabs his
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Chapter 9; Photron Energy
After a moment of conversing, the scientists moved over to the console in front of the orbs and began putting in some commands and flipping some switches causing the large machine to start to whirl and buzz. “Do you know what this is?” Peter asked as he comes back to stand beside Levi who shrugs with a confused expression. “That’s a device called a Spectron.” “Oh, I’ve heard about it.” He said with an excited smile and Peter raises a brow. “So what do you know about it?” He asked and Levi turned to him as he explains. “Not much. I read an article that it’s a device used to test the abilities of a Tron and classify them. But apart from that, no other information was given and I didn’t know it looked like…this.” He said, gesturing to the large and bulky structures, wires and valves around and in it. A sudden buzzing sound was now heard and one of the scientists gives them a thumb-up. “It’s ready.” “Alright.” Peter said as he collects Levi’s phone and ushers him onto a platform in f
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