Anna : The other one
People call me one call-girl. Probably because I work in a nightclub and service wealthy businessmen. But my only job is to serve drinks and food to customers. They can also table me to warm their bodies, but I don't agree to touch me or even have a one-night stand with them. In my job, no one knows my real name and identity. As long as you are beautiful, and your complexion is smooth, you can work in that area. I often wear short skirts and crop top blouses with a red horn or hairband on my head. Because that is part of our props and disguise to hide ourselves. Then we will wear colorful wigs so that customers can see us easily. Everyone thought that the people working in the club were dirty. They thought all the employees there were having sex or one-night stands with different types of people. But what they don't know is that we have to work hard to meet our every need in life. For someone like me who is a breadwinner and grew up in a poor family, I had to work just to put myself th
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