Runaway : Anna's Pov
After I came out of the restroom, I met some policemen going to Sixto's place. They arrested him even though he was unconscious, and they took out the body of a woman while she was covered with a white cloth and on a stretcher. When she passed in front of me, her hand suddenly fell while her blood was dripping on the floor. Because of that, my eyes widened in shock, especially when I saw Sixto being arrested while her hands were handcuffed. So even before they took him with them, I immediately stopped them.

“Where do you intend to take him?” I asked them and the two policemen stopped.

“Do you know this person? Then come with us to the police station.” A policeman was about to approach me, but I immediately backed away and turned my head.

“I-I don't know him.” I stammered in response to them as I turned my back on them and walked away from them. I stopped for a moment when they got him into the car, and I slowly turned to them.

“Sorry, Sixto.” The only thing I say about those momen
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