The trap : Hunter's Pov
I winced when I noticed the trembling of her hands. I held her knife away from me, and then I pushed her hard behind me towards the table, causing her to quickly move away from me. When I went around her, I happened to pull out a gun, and then I pointed it at her where the knife she was holding was also pointed at me. I gasped staring at her while my blood dripped from my hand that got a wound because of her knife.

“Put down what you're holding if you don't want me to leave a hole in your head.” I said to her angrily while she looked at me intently.

“I'm not afraid of you. Kill me if it pleases you.” She bravely responded to me, even though I could see in her eyes that she was forced to do it just because of the money.

“What do you really want from me? Is your motive really just for money, or maybe you have something else planned for me?” I said that she winced.

“Do you still think I'm working in your father's name today? Do you think I'm watching over you for him? I'm here to get
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