116 : Anna's hidden darkest secret
I went to Hunter's house. I forced my feet to step, even though my hands felt stiff down my body and I felt freezing. Furthermore, I broke his window, so I could get inside before anyone else saw me here. I used a rock to break it, and then I climbed through the window and went inside. When I successfully got inside, I found that there was no one else there. I immediately opened each of his drawers there to look for a medical kit or any medicine that would make my body better. But I didn't find anything there until I fell down and sat near the foot of the table. I leaned there while my breathing was heavy, and I was dizzy. I was sweating profusely, and I lost a lot of blood. However, I feel starving and thirsty. But it's not just ordinary cravings for food and drink, but human flesh and blood is what my body is looking for. However regardless of where I looked, I couldn't see anyone else there. Even if I wanted to get out of here, I couldn't because my body was so weak that I could bar
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