118 : The power of money
The employees there run out of the building and scream when they find out what happened inside the elevator. The security guard immediately entered, and I was about to enter the elevator, but I suddenly stopped when I felt something hit my right arm. I slowly looked down and saw that there was blood pouring down my hand. It looks like they shot me without me realizing it and I didn't even feel it, but I grabbed the bullet buried in my arm which surprised them all, and then I turned to them. I saw traces of fear and surprise on their faces as they all held guns. I grimaced and raised the bullet I was holding to show it to them and scare them even more. Furthermore, I looked at their faces one by one to find the person who shot me and to take back the blood I lost from him. To the left, I noticed the man's anxious face while his hands were shaking and his gun was pointed at me. I grinned and slowly walked towards him. But every step I take they rained bullets on me, but all that was usel
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