As I expected, he would find me, and we would meet again. He entered inside the mall and head to the third floor. But he also seemed to realize right away that it was all planned and that they already knew about him. I also noticed that the wound he sustained in his body was severe, and he needed to eat human flesh and fresh blood to regain his strength. Therefore, he made a way for him to get down to the second floor, and there he mercilessly killed the people there. He left almost none of them, and he will leave no one alive. But I won't let that happen because I'm the only one who has the ability to match the strength he has, and I'm also the only one who has the ability to fight him. I heard that he was looking for me, so I didn't hesitate to show myself to him. From the fifth floor where I am now, I peeked at him from the second floor while he looked up at me with a frown. I didn't say a word to him, but I just smiled and turned away from him to insult him even more. Maybe that's
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