With the help of Luigi, we gradually encourage the zombies to come out of that building. But we noticed that other zombies not only came from there, but also from different directions. Until they all gathered and increased even more while they were waiting for the four of us and looked up as if it were a dog waiting to be given his food. When we saw that someone else was helping another woman to pull and enter the woman outside the window, we stopped what we were doing. It appears that the zombies in that building have disappeared because we saw the other occupants peeking through their window.

“How about us? It looks like we can't get down because they've seen us.” Rita was curious while we looked down and observed the many zombies that were waiting for us.

“I didn't expect them to be that many, and it seems like there will be more until later.” Simon said. Just for a few moments, our attention was diverted from behind, where we heard a noise at the door. Because of that, Simon and
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