I thought it was all real, but I realized it was just my dream. When I regained consciousness and opened my eyes, I realized I was behind Simon as he ran inside the building. I looked around where I stare at the glass window and my eyes widened in shock when I saw so many black birds outside as they attacked the people there. Luigi was stunned when he noticed that I had regained consciousness. Even Simon stopped, and then he slowly put me down while I walked closer to the glass window.

“Where are we?” I asked them as they approached me.

“We're in the hospital.” Simon replied to me.

“What happened and how did we get here?” I was curious as I just focused my attention outside while watching the black birds attack the people outside.

“When the accident happened you lost consciousness and I woke you up several times, but you weren't breathing anymore. I was very nervous and scared because I thought you were dead. That's why I moved you to my seat and even though I don't have much exper
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