I tried to stop Luigi, but he just ignored me and then continued walking away from us. I sighed as I turned to Simon where he was back inside the truck waiting for me to get on. Furthermore, I wanted to chase Luigi, but it appears that he has already made up his mind to stay away from us, and he doesn't seem to want to join us anymore. Moreover, I wasn't supposed to go with Simon, but I was forced to because the girl was there as a result of my big mistake and decision in life. That's why I immediately ran back there and got into the back of the truck, and we immediately left that place while I was looking in Luigi's direction until I could only see him behind him and until I didn't see him again.

“It's all my fault, if I hadn't thought of that idea, all of that wouldn't have happened.” I whispered to myself as the girl next to me staring at me. I immediately looked away from her and turned away from her. That time was long for me. The whole area was quiet, and the wind seemed to blow
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