Chapter 155

When Robin was shocked to realize that Mara was no longer beside him. He looked around at each passenger on board, but he could not find the girl where she was going.

“Excuse me, did you notice where the woman next to me went here earlier?” he asked the two girls just opposite him.

“Yes, she's actually just downstairs, and she even has another guy with her.”

Robin was surprised even more. He stood for a moment and got off the bus immediately.

He didn't seem familiar with the place he had been to. Furthermore, he noticed a carnival across the street while many tourists were strolling around him.

He just looked around at every person he could meet. He kept looking for the girl, but with the size and number of people there, he had a hard time when to find her.

“Damn it, monkey girl! Be really ready for me when I see you.” He said angrily to himself. Later, two women noticed him. He just smiles and a look away from them. He frowned and simply bowed his head.

“Oh my gosh, he's so handsome!
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