“Stop the car!” I said to Simon, and he immediately stopped the bus. I swapped seats with him and immediately sat in the driver's seat and put on my seat belt. Furthermore, I quickly drove it towards the zombie, who was now heading towards where the boy was. I ran over the zombie there because of it, the zombie get away from him, then I hurriedly got off the bus and went to the boy.

“Are you okay? Aren't you hurt?” I asked him while he was shaking with fear. He just nodded his head, and then I picked him up. I was about to take him inside the bus, but I immediately stopped when I noticed that his attention was focused on another direction, and he seemed to be pointing at me. I followed what he was referring to, where my eyes widened in shock when I saw so many zombies around us. Furthermore, I looked all around me where I saw a school bus not far from our bus and inside there were survivors on board. So, I immediately looked at Simon's direction and nodded my head to ask him to transf
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