I just woke up when I realized that I was inside the bus that Simon was driving. My hands and feet were tied to where I was sitting, while my mouth was covered with a black mask. Simon turned to me for a moment when he noticed that I had woken up and at the same time I looked around my entire surroundings where everyone was quiet and resting.

“You're awake?” he said, and I turned my gaze to the window where I noticed that the place was not familiar to me. As a result, I frowned and looked at Simon, and then he stopped the bus to one side for a moment. He stood up, and then he came to me while removing the ones that were tied to me while lowering the mask from my mouth.

“Have you woken up to your senses? Are you the Sixto I know again?” he was curious, he sat in the driver's seat and put on his seat belt, then he continued driving.

“Don't you remember anything that happened to you?” His question made me turn my head for a moment with a look of astonishment on my face. I remember seei
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