Chapter 177

My life, my choice, and my husband. I will not let other people to destroy it. No matter how much he has sinned against you, if you want him to stay with you, you must know how to forgive.

My life back then was just like a turtle's progress, I was always waiting for the passing of time.

I even wondered if i could just end my life?

After all, it doesn't seem to make sense for me to live in this world anymore.

But since i met Rohan, all my bad habits have suddenly changed. I experienced being happy, i made friends, and my heart learned to love.

I felt like i had gone to a new world. Where he gave color and light to my life. Just because of his simple love, he was able to change someone like me.

My name is Lelia Constancia, or better known as Nadia. At the young age of fourteen, i walked alone into the reality of the world.

I was orphaned early on by my parents because they were arrested and killed by strangers. They left almost nothing but me, who survived and escaped.

The path i chose
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