Chapter 182

Nadia is currently sitting at the dining table as she watches her husband cooking in the kitchen.

“Water ma'am.” frowned Patrice, then she laid a glass of water on her table.

“Can i just have pineapple juice? This past few days my blood pressure seems to be rising, i don't know why?” Nadia smiled at her.

“Ahh, sure ma'am.” Patrice just answered and turned her back on her, she rolled her eyes and raised an eyebrow. She went into the kitchen and Rohan's gaze followed her.

“Please give it to your ma'am, Nadia.” He command to Leon. After telling him that, he immediately went to Nadia's table and dropped a plate of Italian pasta that her husband likes to cook.

“Thank you, Leon.” She said smiling.

Meanwhile, Rohan went to the back of the kitchen and found the girl mixing juice.

“What are you doing here?” he asked her.

“What else do you think i'm doing? can't you see? i'm just mixing pineapple juice for your wife.” She replied emphatically.

Rohan looked around for a moment and made sure ther
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