Chapter 183

When i came out of the kitchen, i was shocked to see that someone was already gathering in the dining room. I looked around for a moment and saw Patrice's face pale and anxious.

Meanwhile, Rohan was standing near the door and seemed to be talking to someone on his cellphone. I was confused and feel burden . I tried to be curious about their confusion and i also huddled, when suddenly someone pulled my wrist and covered my eyes.

I was surprised and the smell of his perfume seemed familiar to me.


He was the first thing that came to my mind when i recognized his smell.

“What's going on?” I asked him. I waited for him to answer, but i only heard a heavy sigh from him.

The beating in my chest became even faster because of the extreme nervousness. I can't be calm until i'm sure what’s really going on. I endeavored to remove his hand, but he just hugged me tightly. So, i sank into his chest and whispered in my ear.

“Listen carefully to me. No matter what happens, don't ever let go of
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