Chapter 197

It has been several years since Marie and Jana met Terrence. A leader in the group he formed, and he called it, RMoon.

He helps provide shelter, necessities and other things that a child who is young and early orphaned to their parents may ask of him.

In return, he teaches them to be a rebel. It's just like stealing, murdering people and all sorts of other crimes that he can also benefit from.

Jana was one of those who negotiated with him in exchange for a place to live with Marie.

He taught her to use her charm on wealthy businessmen so that she could get the things she wanted.

Jana, did not hesitate to take up such a job, since her only concern was the welfare of her twin sister, Marie. Through that job, she was able to get her brother into public school and she was also capable of buying the fancy clothes that she wanted to buy for her.

“Can i ask you? why did you enter this job? when i first saw you, you seemed to have hope to change.” Terrence asked her once, Jana lit a cigarette
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