Chapter 6 - Returning at home

Chapter 6 - Returning at home

The sound of a colleague's ear-tickling awakened him from his daydream.

"Hey, bastard! Are you listening to me?" came a familiar voice to Ember.

"I can hear you clearly, Orid." The answer began to despair and put a yellow ornament decorated with beautiful carvings.

"Why did you stop your fire? My plane can't move. Where are you?" he said giddily.

"Well, um… I was at a place a bit far from where we gathered earlier. You know, take a stand." He replied while looking around.

The location that Ember meant was a place far from the city, more precisely around their artificial desert, the aliens. Even though the sand used is very different, the waves can be used for surfing or boarding a boat.

The current situation is not good. The place is empty and far away in an urban area, about 3000 km.

"What do you do there? Quickly shoot the meteor." He shouted again.

"Yeah, yeah…" his voice trailed off.

[Hufth] Ember took a deep breath.

"Orid, thank you for everything you have done for this friend of yours. Sorry for not being able to accept your feelings as a lover." Back sigh.

The female commander immediately caught on to what was on her mind, running out of her desk. He went to the navigation satellite department to find Ember's location.

"Hey, Ember, what are you planning?" Orid asked, pretending not to understand.

"Hurry and find MAS005 now!".

With a large screen showing various flashing dots, the clerk was busy running his fingers across the rapidly shining table. At the start, the screen pressed according to Orid's command, then pressed 'Enter' and managed to find the location.

There the controlled robot had changed, pointing its muzzle at the sky.

"Hey idiot, we don't know yet what you're planning will work? Now get out of there and go back to where you were before." Orid shouted.

"This is an order!" she added, reassuring him.

"Come back! It's an order!" The people there saw his behavior and were slightly disturbed by her voice. Orid repeatedly shouted the same thing while holding the mic tightly and almost cracked.

Ember is one of the personnel who can control that big machine. He has gorilla DNA in his body so that he forms solid muscles and can handle the giant there.

He adjusted his sitting position to make it more comfortable, straightened his uniform and the communication device that was still shouting at him, and began to point his head again at the side of the binoculars that had been removed. The right-hand moves forward while taking a deep breath and then letting it out.

Turn the lever until it can't move at all. The number there had shown '100,' It was worth updating the system to 'Danger.'

A cloud of smoke starts to fill the room from the inside slowly.  The last chance, he hoped that even though he couldn't destroy the meteor, he managed to beat the object enveloping him.

The whole room was twinkling in red and green.

[Lower transmission…lower transmission]

Ember starts to lock on the targeted target and then presses the index finger's trigger. The robot's machine was operating beyond limits until the inside of the iron serrations caught fire, pushing the force of the explosive-filled laser and spiked balls a quarter of the meteors' size. 

'Honestly, if I could take out half of it, it would explode at once.' Ember said.

The laser containing the ejected carry object traveled 0.01 seconds, attracted by the sizable magnetic field. When they heard the commotion between Orid and Ember, the planes avoided the attack site, leaving the commander's property, which was still spinning free.

The sound of a siren blaring was deafening and vibrating inside. A second later, the first robot they created exploded as expected. It's a shame. The machine still doesn't allow the ejector to get out at a critical time.

The purpose of its creation is still far from expectations, which are still in the development stage. The vast and spacious control room shows the image that the robot has exploded violently, emitting fire and smoke.

The aliens fell silent, watching the rustling screen.

"You are crazy!" shouted Orid throwing the ceramic cup, and it shattered. They also felt disgusted at what Tom had done.

"You damn devil!" Orid muttered.

The laser can't destroy the meteor. Meanwhile, the weapons and aircraft activated shields. The tanks move backward. A portal door opens and intends to return. Likewise, the birds flying overhead darted fast to avoid the explosion that was about to hit them.

The meteor hit hard right at Alex's school, causing a ground tsunami. Shattering, explosions, and destruction everywhere, hitting the place where the youth who didn't have time to save themselves was affected.

The iron prison managed to protect him. The effect was enormous, shutting down the electricity and power in the city, leaving behind small debris and large holes and giant rocks. The neon lights that illuminate every corner of the town and streets are extinguished.

The aliens severely impacted the banker, causing a strong earthquake.

"Get out of here right away!" shouted a doctor directing the townspeople to pass through the portal that the doctor had provided.

They flocked in and scrambled to save themselves.

"Get out of the way!" while pushing the old alien standing on the stick's stand. He fell and was trampled on the ground. No one noticed.

A robotic puppy barking at the front encourages.

"Woof! Woof! Whoops!"

He tried to stand and then walked back to wait in line.

Their house is now not a city filled with sophisticated machines, leaving only trash wires and cables that have been damaged. The poison ground from the meteor shield magic that had come out caused the place to die. The musty smell, rust, and rotting soil make the air polluted. There are no signs of life that can be made into a place to live. An iron the size of a locker opened like a peeled eggshell.

It was illuminated by a blazing green and reddish light. 



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