Chapter 8 - Malachite

Chapter 8 - Malachite

Alex is one of the best athletes in bluff lengths. He also got second place won at his school, firm grip, and was able to sort out the handles with which to lift his 154-pound. He didn't need a net or anything like that for protection.

His legs are also very agile. That's why he can run long distances from Jordan during yesterday's incident. Unfortunately, Jordan has good smelling and piercing eyes. The unique alien has animal DNA, and some have multiple combinations.

The young man pointed his hand and grabbed something so soft accidentally, then threw it back. He didn't know what he just held because it was covered in dirt and other disgusting things.

"I'm so hungry. I shouldn't have fought with him before going to school." He said, sighing.


He was leaving a deep regret because find Tom circling in the sky without using any tools.

"It's magic, kid." He replied, laughing cheerfully.

His characteristic laugh also sounded like a pig taking a nap.

"Stop i
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