Chapter 29 - Onsen and inn

Chapter 29 - The Onsen and inn

After successfully finding the object, Mala gave the pink medicine and told Alex to eat it. The very immediate effect of the drug made Alex hot. Without waiting for a long time, she pointed Alex at Nana.

"Are you guys still going to wait here?" she asked adequately.

The three of them left Alex and Nana in the room. Mala closed the door slowly and told them to take a bath in the designated place while she stayed at the door so that no one could enter.

She could hear exciting voices from within, the inevitable moans, and Alex's whispers, which stimulated her. He endlessly licked her nape of Nana slowly. She had just woken up from her sleep and immediately started sweating from his touch.

Squeeze the chest slowly until the lick reaches the navel. Alex's mind was gone. Thinking about the time the mission goes on and enjoying the meal with Nana this time. His more passive attitude than Mala made Alex a little uneasy.

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