Chapter 34 – Still lost from the old wizard

Chapter 34 – Still lost from the old wizard

"For the time being, Marlin is still very busy meeting you."

"I know." The answer. He finds Sue and Sia helping and chatting with the female dwarves. For several days they were also enthusiastic about seeing the beautiful flower garden.

"Sorry in advance. Where do you come from, guys?" asked a dwarf covered in white hair.

"Hey, be polite, Ovo!" snapped his partner.

"It doesn't matter, madam. We are an alien."

"Is that so? Where are you from?" Ask another.

"We are from the sky." Hearing the nonsensical conversation, the dwarven mothers were stunned. But on the faces of Sue and Sia, they don't seem to be joking.

They tried to divert the conversation about the flowers and the garden they had built. The two alien brothers seemed enthusiastic to see the flowers arranged neatly and colorfully. Because it was the first time, they had seen such a garden arrangement.

"In our place before, there w
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