Chapter 44 – The wrestling

Chapter 44 – The wrestling

"Where we were before it was called wrestling," Mala answered, explaining to Alex.

Sue and Sia were curious about the visuals offered and the answers. Finally, the people did not mind and were told to continue the game. Because of the organizer's kindness, they will return the bet money on Kara's behalf or provide other options to be left to the Sanao participants in the next fight.

Simultaneously they took the second option because, from the start, she had not used magic until now. Worried that the next match would be cheating, she didn't want to take the same risk. The screaming voices supported Sanao more and more.

Alex and the others went downstairs to check on him. She was giving pause for people to place other bets.

"Are you all right, Sanao?" Alex asked, a little worried.

She saw her owner had the same wound, and she wanted to cry. Alex tried to comfort her and said she was okay. They wanted to heal the wo
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