Chapter 55 - Taking turns to guard him.

Chapter 55 - Taking turns to guard him.

He also didn't have time to say goodbye because he didn't want to stay any longer. Alex looked at the vase the older man had made, which was pretty with the gold tulips and bagel knots.

"Looks like we'll be following in his footsteps soon."

They were looking forward to Joan's return and wanted to leave well. She knew Alex was an outsider, and there was so much she wanted to ask of them.

She couldn't hold it in for so long and hoped to see them again if time allowed.


"Be careful, young girl!"

Mala, who can't see ahead, is busy carrying groceries. Today it is her duty to buy food supplies. She couldn't get a chance to look down at the fallen old geezer, and his belongings were scattered everywhere.

She could only say sorry. She couldn't help carrying her things. The people who saw it were insulted and cursed. She didn't want to leave him because it was also his duty, but she had to come to the warning immediate
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