Chapter 57 - The only pharmacy

Chapter 57 - The only pharmacy

Tired of accompanying Alex, who was fast asleep, Mala finally fell beside the bed. Faust is back with his alchemy-loving activities. Various explosions and fires that almost burned part of his workbench, which was engulfed in strange and colored materials, did not stop him from continuing to do what he liked.

Also, the advantage is Mala, who doesn't wake up or is disturbed by the shaking. Alex woke up in the morning, but the sun was still not shining from the east. Finding Mala asleep in an unusual position, he takes the initiative to move her.

The strange room he had never seen before made him a little wary. Faust, who happened to deliver food and medicine for Alex, just arrived and then greeted him.

"Are you awake?"

"You must have been the one who helped me last night, even if it sounded vague."

He told Alex first to have breakfast and take medicine given next to the table. He picked up Mala and put her on her bed. Witho
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