Chapter 58 - Not the first time

Chapter 58 - Not the first time

Faust's eyes did not leave the small object that was only a few drops left. He took the initiative to ask for the rest he had. Alex happily gave him what he wanted.

"What do you need this for?"

"I want to point out that what those people said earlier was wrong." It turned out that Faust did not give up on what he was aiming for. He prepared a potion commonly used in the animal skull cupboard that he got. White smoke billowed out as the red liquid spewed out.

Enter the dose little by little until you get the desired ingredients. Faust couldn't wait to get stronger and stronger and tried it on an old mouse. The animal moves its body as the liquid hits its fur.

The rodent moves swiftly. Faust hopes that what he has created is now bearing fruit.

"Well, let's wait until tomorrow."

"Are you going back to the way I used to be?" The gazes of his guests were confused as he saw the alchemist talking to himself.

"I don't k
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