Chapter 59 - Something's wrong with Alex's body

Chapter 59 - Something's wrong with Alex's body

Alex approached Sia and Sue, who were looking through Faust's belongings. They look engrossed in seeing an object that attracts attention. He told them to help him return the owner's equipment.

"What's wrong with you?" asked Mala, who had just arrived with lunch.

"I don't know, but he felt that was fine a few days ago."

Mala tells him to check his system. Maybe something is wrong. She also advised Faust to take more medicine, but Alex didn't want to do that before finishing his house.

In the end, they finished the job efficiently and quickly. They had to do was move Faust's belongings that had been left behind at Alex's house. He also suggested that Faust stay at their house first, worried that people would return.

Sue met Faust with a worried face. She asked for the medicine that had been given to Alex. Without waiting long, he immediately made the same potion because the supplies he had in the stone were
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