Chapter 63 - Nenokuni

Chapter 63 - Nenokuni

She explained how humans were born along the way, and they listened intently. Although there was a feeling of fear that made the two girls worried about getting sick, Mala concluded it was the same as when they fought against enemies or completed quests.

Mala even offered this exciting thing to Alex, who was looking at him. Did he want to have children one day? Their laughter broke out in a happy state, without feeling everything was back to normal.

[Quest danger: Complete mission and enemies in Nenokuni village]

[Warning! The quest to be faced is on the same level as the alien governor on earth]

[You will use any item against it]

[Reward reward: 1000 diamonds]

[Reward reward: 10 Fate Crystal]

[Reward Hero Shard SSR]

The red screen was enough to make Alex shudder in fear, and this was the first time he had encountered quests and missions that displayed anxiety in front of him. He couldn't dodge when a notification
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