Chapter 73 – Mourning

Chapter 73 – Mourning

Like humans, Sue has been put in the ground and then buried.

"I'm sorry, Sue. I will try my best to protect your sister."

Sia was not there and sat alone on the bank of a small river watching the farmers busy with their fields and rice. Their faces were radiant and happy—Discuss the festival night that was in an uproar for a few minutes.

They cursed Nina for not continuing her duties as the next village bride and groom. Nenokuni Village, As usual, children and families running around would never entertain Sia today.

The funeral seemed ordinary because no one in the village came to pay their respects. They assumed that Nina and her guests were foreigners. Her family has decided to move away from Nenokuni.

"She's right." At the same time, looking at Sue's grave.

"It's better if we leave bad memories in this village. It's useless to keep the memories of our children when their graves don't exist."

The mounds bes
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