Chapter 80 - Camping with the group

Chapter 80 - Camping with the group

He knew that his current existence was not the right place for him to be there. At the same time, their leader approached Alex like an average human. Alex could see the tiny crown adorned his head and the ornaments around his neck and hands.

She spoke as if one were meeting one's compatriots, whereas when her flock talked to her, she looked polite. She spread her wings wide, bowed, and said, "Thank you for helping our sister."

Seeing such respect, all his comrades did the same. The cliff hills currently look covered with exotic bird feathers. It would be a fantastic sight if it happened when the sun was shining.

Alex also bowed out of their courtesy. She invites Alex to go to her people's lair. At first, she refuses because it is almost dawn. Those behind the leader were whispering about the word 'scent,' which disturbed Alex a bit.

"My apologies. If I had time, I would have complied with your invitation. But at the moment
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