Chapter 82 - No other choice

Chapter 82 - No other choice

"We are messengers sent down by gods to protect nature and its habitat. Those who seek to destroy the earth do not deserve to live in this world." The angry herd of animals also supports his angry face.

Alex tried to mediate the incident because it is not allowed to kill each other then what difference does it make if they also act like that.

"Honestly, you can see who's really at fault here?" Harpy was fed up with arguing and chose to remain silent and not repay Alex for defending these rotten humans. If humans don't, the hunters don't do this, and the birds who protect nature will not do anything arbitrarily.

Alex alone can't be a guarantee when they stop destroying. There is nothing wrong with their actual actions, and he cannot side with group one. Alex tried to talk this over to the herd.

But they don't want to drag on any longer. After, they will always be there to destroy the earth and its contents, as those in charge of p
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