Chapter 92 – The Peaceful village

Chapter 92 – The Peaceful village

Their antique houses are very different from the usual residences seen. The walls of the house are made of bamboo and have pond irrigation. On each side of the house, there is a bamboo tree as an icon there.

They intended to pass by the house as usual and stop at a simple tavern that was far different from before. Food is served on the table using the concept of outdoor, delicious art.

"What's this?" Alex asked curiously about the steaming hot bowl.

The waiter who brought their food said, "Ah, this is pork soup with ginseng. It's good for manhood." She glanced at Mala, and Sia laughed and smiled. Alex took a long, circular object from inside the food. The waiter also gave a pair of scissors and dry spices nearby.

He ordered to cut the offal and dip it there. The warm yet visual scent that made Alex's stomach quiver couldn't be combined. He looked at the girls there, trying to do as the maid said.

"It's delicious,"
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