Chapter 93 – The Kind and filial son

Chapter 93 – The Kind and filial son

He showed them the open-air bath and steaming hot water always available to them.

"Soon, it's dinner time. If you want, we'll take him to their respective rooms." Mulan said.

"It's okay. We can do it ourselves." Mulan leaves from there to arrange all the needs that will be done next. He promised to play with his younger siblings earlier, throwing and kicking the ball.

They scramble to get it. The field in the house makes the atmosphere feel crowded. People who are busy going out filling the whole house also look happy with the activities in the afternoon.

A graceful and calm woman watching from the corner house had just come out of one of the rooms. She wears all white and pink at each end of the fabric. Not only that, his long black hair barely touched the bottom of the cloth.

Finding the wanted man playing with his younger siblings, she called out his name softly.

"Mulan, have you finished all your busin
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