Chapter 104 - Draco's Reason

Chapter 104 - Draco's Reason

The smoke fire looked to have been going on for a while, still left tiny smoldering wreckage of the fire lying. Only the imperial soldiers died horribly in that place, and several flags belonging to other nobles were torn apart.

This was the first time Alex had seen such great destruction unfold before his own eyes, apart from the destruction that Tom Valley had done to the aliens before him. Along the way, the smell of charred meat mixed with rancid blood made Sanao want to throw up.

Nothing was found to make him immediately get rid of such a smell. Alex's feelings are getting more and more chaotic. Not only that, he feels that there is still one life that inhabits that terrible area at the other end.

"We need to get to this place quickly. I feel something is wrong with everything happening now," said Alex.

"Right, and again it's still in the Shiftlah ​​king's territory now," Sanao said.

"But what about the Finable residenc
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