Chapter 105 - A sling of emotions

Chapter 105 - A sling of emotions

The day before they left for the castle, Draco decided to stop them before anything wrong happened to the confidants still waiting for him to come home. Not wanting to repeat the same mistake, the power that wakes up at night is not just waited for.

Draco charged in and massacred anyone who supported King Shift's glory. He stuck the bodies of nobles and people of high positions, holding them to the wood around the palace.

The crow accompanies all of his actions, making the initially bustling atmosphere quiet and eerie. The black feathers were so swarming that it was difficult for sunlight to enter as they tore the corpses apart. It also allowed Draco to walk around the palace even during the day.

The reinforcements previously sent by king Shiftlah ​​also ran over to see the blackened ground and clouds.

"How do you deal with the servants and people who worry about you?" Ask Alex.

The unstable soul, wanting the lifeblood,
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