Chapter 123 - His hallucinations

Chapter 123 - His hallucinations

Sia taunts Alex and says he is like an old geezer who is often senile. After it decided whether they would continue their journey for the night, Alex wanted them to rest tonight as well. He does not wish to impose stamina and strength on the same day.

They can finally rest in peace.

Like what they discussed last night, they set out in the morning, following the sun's direction, so they had to feel how hot the light was as a guide. Even at night, Mala prepares clothes to reduce the heat and heat of the sand.

Hoping no sandstorms will attack them, Alex finally flies again after the Kitsune pearl has returned to health. It turned out that the road was very long. Not a single monster or creature attacked Kitsune like in the last place.

"The floating dome?" said Alex. Their eyes immediately saw the direction they were pointing at. He ensured his eyes didn't misjudge what is often referred to as a mirage. They only saw a cloud of smoke ahead
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